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Originally Posted by veedon View Post
Why should I do the radio station's job?
Announcing the song and the artist should be a very simple thing to do, and yet the stations no longer do it.
My stations do. Maybe you should call to complain. I've never known stations to announce every single song title, since DJs don't usually talk between every song. Having that many interruptions would get too annoying.
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Originally Posted by NetworkTV View Post
Honestly, it's not even a DOJ issue.

No company has any obligation to sell their products through any reseller. If Nike doesn't want their sneakers sold in KMart, they have no obligation to make a deal with them.

Forcing any company to do business with another company sets a dangerous precedent, especially when a company objects to the practices. Should Ertl be forced to sell models to Hobby Lobby if the object to their standpoint on certain issues? Should Kellogg be forced to sell their products to Walmart if they disagree with some of their practices?

Of course, in reality, money conquers a lot of moral objections, but to say TV companies have some need to do business with anyone they don't want to that has little existence in any other industry is bunk.

If Aereo wants to retransmit programming, they need to pony up the cash required to convince the media companies to play ball. Relying on the government to force the issue is exactly the opposite of where we should be headed.
Sony tried that sort of exclusivity by refusing to allow K-Mart to sell boom boxes. The FTC stepped in and said that they could not refuse to sell to a legitimate retailer. Apparently there are rules about doing business in the USA.

You can't discriminate on general principles. You have to have a good business reason, like maybe proper training for high end products. You can set standards but anyone who meets those standards has to have a chance to participate. The FTC's job is to guarantee an even playing field. My only thought is that the FTC should be stepping in, although the FCC probably has assumed control in this case, providing the same sort of regulation in broadcast that the FTC does with products.

So, yes, they can force Nike to sell to K-Mart but Nike can specify a level of service that a shoe store might supply but K-Mart can't. Minimum pricing for Ertl - sure. Display rack design for Kellogg - OK. But you just don't like the owner - nope: not a valid reason.

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Originally Posted by veedon View Post
Why should I do the radio station's job?
Announcing the song and the artist should be a very simple thing to do, and yet the stations no longer do it.
Um, because their job is what they make it, not what we think it should be. And to make this relevant to HOTP, it's not unlike why we don't have ala carte, because they don't want us to. Life would be so much better if companies did what we want them to.

Cheers, Dave
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riginally Posted by dad1153 View Post
Washington Notes
FCC Opens Door to Cable Competition Delivered by the Web
Wheeler in his comments said Friday that the Internet opens up numerous opportunities for new competition to cable and satellite services, including the possibility of letting viewers choose the channels they want to receive. He said prospective completion has been stymied because new video services couldn’t get access to cable networks or broadcast competition.

“Big company control over access to programming should not keep programs from being available on the Internet. Today, we propose to break that bottleneck,” he said.

Some other FCC commissioners weren't quite as positive.

FCC Commissioner Michael O’Reilly called the move “particularly puzzling” and said the vibrant state of competition on programming doesn't need any interference from the FCC.

“The Internet — and online video in particular — has grown to where it is today outside of our regulatory clutches, and the FCC trying to jump into this space now, especially without clear direction provided by the Congress, is highly questionable,” he said in his comments. As a government agency with little-to-no authority over the Internet, the best thing that the commission can do is not get in the way.”

By Ira Teinowitz, - Dec. 19, 2014
It almost looks like FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler in an about face is now taking marching orders from the Obama administration .

IIRC his current position is a change (if not outright reversal) from his earlier position .I guess he want's to keep his job he's probably tired of having to work for a living in the private sector .

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