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Oreo's Avatar Oreo 07:22 PM 12-06-2007
I have 42 HD channels at this time in Madisonville, LA.

Pagoona's Avatar Pagoona 11:36 AM 12-08-2007
As a Charter customer, I am extremely excited to hear they are actually doing something to give us more HD. This is definitely a step in the opposite direction that they've been going the last few years. I am starting to see the difference in the On Demand library... new HD shows and networks are rapidly popping up all the time (as opposed to ZERO HD a few months ago). Unfortunately, as history goes to show, my market seems to be on the tail-end of importance so we'll probably be the last to get the upgrade.
Decadance's Avatar Decadance 09:58 AM 12-11-2007
Does anyone else in West Michigan have an issue with bars running through their screen? I was just given a Motorola DCH6200 and the bars are noticeable when the cables are connection and not showing a picture as well as with a picture. I know it isn't an issue with the TV as the Xbox 360 does not show the bars and it is also hooked up through component.
Creditmaster's Avatar Creditmaster 04:51 AM 12-12-2007
Just my 2 cents. Charter in Mankato here. 20 HD Channels. I have been considering switching to D* but the quality of the HD and the the multi-room DVR with Charter makes it hard to take the plunge. I haven't had a problem with signal or anything with Charter in a very long time and with the talk of changes coming that will add many more HD channels, i'm leaning toward staying put.
mhraracing's Avatar mhraracing 08:09 AM 02-02-2008
Does anyone know if we will ever get ABC HD on Charter in CT ?? Now that Lost has returned - I cant stand watching it on SD.

Help....!!! Oh - btw - I cant get sat - as there are too many trees that block service !!
Nicksterr's Avatar Nicksterr 11:08 PM 02-02-2008
Anyone who has Charter please call and put in a request for Sci-Fi HD!
popweaverhdtv's Avatar popweaverhdtv 09:07 AM 02-03-2008
Originally Posted by Nicksterr View Post

Anyone who has Charter please call and put in a request for Sci-Fi HD!

They apparently have existing deals for adding more HD with other providers. Looking at Charter's Louisiana Systems which were rebuilt after Katrina hit, here's what been added there (count into the 40's wrt HD) with a few others at the end that they've apparently secured carriage deals for:

Discovery HD
Animal Planet HD
The Science Channel HD
Smithsonian HD
Wealth TV HD (not just On Demand)
Fuse HD
Food Network HD
Showtime 2 HD
Starz Edge HD
Starz Comedy HD
Starz Kids & Family HD

The Weather Channel HD
Mojo HD
Fox Business HD

SportSouth HD
Fox Sports Net South HD

I'd like to see Sci-Fi HD added so that I can watch LOST in HD later this year, as well (local ABC station's HD Feed got added here right before Season 3's Finale). Maybe get the other NBCU Properties into the fold (i.e. USA HD, Bravo HD, CNBC HD+, etc.)? I guess we'll have to "wait and see" or go D*.
gjvrieze's Avatar gjvrieze 10:00 AM 04-02-2008
I am in Rochester, MN and dieing for: CNNHD, Animal Planet HD, TLC HD, The Science Channel HD, Smithsonian HD, We HD, HGTV HD and Food Network HD.
The first 3 mostly would be great!! Does anybody yet have CNNHD on Charter in other markets???
Marcus Carr's Avatar Marcus Carr 06:12 PM 04-15-2008
Charter to add 8 new HD channels in May

St. Louis Business Journal

Charter Communications Inc. said Tuesday it plans to add eight new channels in high definition (HD) on May 15 in the St. Louis market.

The eight new HD channels -- AMC-HD, CNN-HD, The Learning Channel-HD, Animal Planet-HD, The Science Channel-HD, Smithsonian Channel-HD, TBS-HD and the premium channel The Movie Channel-HD -- were picked in a recent survey Charter conducted of its customers.

Spokeswoman Anita Lamont said the cable provider had thousands of requests to add more HD channels so the company polled a a random segment of its customers and those eight channels were the most requested.

St. Louis-based Charter Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: CHTR) is the nation's third-largest cable television provider, and also provides digital video programming and high-speed Internet access.
popweaverhdtv's Avatar popweaverhdtv 01:44 PM 07-19-2008
According to the flier mailed to its customers this week, Charter will be adding the following 5 New HD Channels on Wednesday, August 13th:

712 - The Weather Channel HD
713 - Discovery HD
714 - TLC HD
715 - Animal Planet HD
716 - TBS HD

In order to accommodate the upcoming HD additions, CSPAN2 will move from ch. 22 to ch. 92 and Inspirational Networks will move to ch. 18 to ch. 152, both becoming 'Basic Service Digital Only' (a.k.a. need Set-Top Box from Charter in order to view).
Ken H's Avatar Ken H 10:56 AM 08-26-2008
Topic title edited.
Marcus Carr's Avatar Marcus Carr 07:12 AM 08-27-2008
Charter to carry Big Ten Network.
Marcus Carr's Avatar Marcus Carr 08:00 AM 08-27-2008
Press Release

Joint Statement from Charter Communications and Big Ten Network

ST. LOUIS & CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 27, 2008--Charter Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:CHTR) and the Big Ten Network have reached an agreement-in-principle on terms of a multi-year distribution agreement in which Charter will carry the Big Ten Network and related programming throughout the Big Ten territory, including its systems in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Northern Illinois. Big Ten Network and Charter are currently working together in an attempt to ensure that the majority of these same systems can launch the network on its expanded basic level of service in time for Saturday's Big Ten college football openers.

For more information, or to order Charter Cable, call Charter at 1-888-GET-CHARTER (1-888-438-2427).

About Charter Communications

Charter Communications, Inc. is a leading broadband communications company and the third-largest publicly traded cable operator in the United States. Charter provides a full range of advanced broadband services, including advanced Charter Digital Cable(R) video entertainment programming, Charter High-Speed(R) Internet access, and Charter Telephone(R). Charter Business(TM) similarly provides scalable, tailored, and cost-effective broadband communications solutions to business organizations, such as business-to-business Internet access, data networking, video and music entertainment services, and business telephone. Charter's advertising sales and production services are sold under the Charter Media(R) brand. More information about Charter can be found at

About the Big Ten Network

The Big Ten Network is dedicated to covering the Big Ten Conference and its 11 member institutions. The Big Ten Network provides unprecedented access to an extensive schedule of conference sports events and shows; original programs in academics, the arts and sciences; campus activities; and associated personalities. Sports programming includes live coverage of more major men's and women's events than ever before, along with news, highlights and analysis, all complemented by hours of university-produced campus programming. The network is available to all cable and satellite carriers and television distributors nationwide, with most programs offered in stunning high-definition television (HDTV). The Big Ten Network is a joint venture between subsidiaries of the Big Ten Conference and Fox Cable Networks.

CONTACT: Charter Communications
Anita Lamont, 314-543-2215
Big Ten Network
Elizabeth Conlisk, 312-665-0726

SOURCE: Charter Communications, Inc.
Pagoona's Avatar Pagoona 04:48 PM 08-28-2008
We now have the Big Ten Network in HD here in Michigan.
Ken H's Avatar Ken H 05:09 PM 08-28-2008
Originally Posted by Pagoona View Post

We now have the Big Ten Network in HD here in Michigan.

Channel #?
S. Hiller's Avatar S. Hiller 07:30 PM 08-28-2008
Have Charter in an attempt to avoid the compression of the satellite services. Subjectively, it looks good. For how long it lasts...

Do wish it had Sci-Fi HD...
Creditmaster's Avatar Creditmaster 05:29 AM 08-29-2008
big ten SD channel live in Mankato MN. Channel number 29. HD channel placeholder is there but not live at the moment, channel number 768
Pagoona's Avatar Pagoona 08:30 AM 08-29-2008
Originally Posted by Ken H View Post

Channel #?

767. SD on 45. This is from Charter in Fenton, which I believe is based out of Bay City.
Marcus Carr's Avatar Marcus Carr 06:49 PM 08-29-2008
Charter to shift PEG channels, add TBS and Animal Planet in HD

Kristin Czubkowski 8/29/2008 6:39 pm

Local public, education and government channels have gotten a reprieve of sorts from Charter Communications, which announced Friday afternoon that it would not yet be moving those channels off its analog service.

According to Tim Vowell of Charter, local PEG channels such as the Madison City Channel will be moved in the coming weeks to channels 95 through 99 on Charter's basic analog service. They also will be a part of its new digital Public Affairs Neighborhood on channels 979 through 998.

In July, Charter announced that the channels would only be offered on a digital tier, although basic and expanded analog cable subscribers could access the channels with a recently purchased television that has a QAM tuner or with the rental of Charter's digital equipment. Complaints about the cost of renting the equipment, however, prompted Charter to maintain the PEG channels on analog television.

Vowell said the move up the analog dial would help preserve enough bandwidth for Charter to follow through on its plan to add high-definition channels such as Animal Planet and TBS -- which will air portions of the Major League Baseball playoffs. Digital channels generally use significantly less bandwidth than analog channels.

"I'm happy that we have found a way to leave the access channels, at least at this time, at an analog format and still accomplish the high-definition launches, which is what our customers are really telling us in a big way that they want," he said. "We've listened to the customers' concerns and feedback, and we've gone through a pretty rigorous re-analysis in order to address that, and we found a way and we're happy about that."

Brad Clark, station manager of the Madison City Channel, called the announcement a "step in the right direction" for Charter. But he expressed concerns that the PEG channels may have to relocate twice if Charter chooses to drop them from the analog lineup in the future, which would pose marketing issues for the channels.

"What I want to be clear about is that they're going to continue to offer us on analog until such time, whenever this happens, that they move their entire service over to digital, which includes the local network affiliate channels," he said.

Clark also expressed concern that Charter was moving the PEG channels not necessarily for more bandwidth, but because Channel 12 -- the current location of Madison City Channel -- is "a more valuable piece of real estate" on the spectrum.

Vowell said there are no current plans to move the PEG channels further, but that they would be monitoring bandwidth needs in the future.

The Public Affairs Neighborhood from channels 979 through 998 will be available beginning Sept. 9, while the move of PEG channels to channels 95 through 99 will take place Sept. 30.

The HD channels will launch in early October.

TBS is scheduled to begin its coverage of the baseball playoffs with coverage of all four Division Series starting Sept. 30, and then will televise the American League Championship Series. Fox will televise the National League Championship Series and World Series.
popweaverhdtv's Avatar popweaverhdtv 08:53 PM 10-01-2008
Today, Charter added Food Network HD and HGTV HD to its systems on the Greenville, SC/Spartanburg, SC and Asheville, NC systems.
popweaverhdtv's Avatar popweaverhdtv 08:59 PM 10-01-2008
Multichannel News has an article that has a Q&A with Charter's CTO. In the Q&A the CTO answers questions regarding the addition of more HD and the plans for SDV: .
popweaverhdtv's Avatar popweaverhdtv 06:14 PM 10-16-2008
In what might begin a trend for their company, Charter Cable is selling cable franchises in NE Minnesota to Midco, affecting about 14,000 Customers:

I wonder how this will impact the HD offerings on these systems.
redwings1914's Avatar redwings1914 11:40 AM 10-22-2008
Why doesn't Charter ever announce any new carriage agreements with HD?
somemightsay's Avatar somemightsay 07:58 PM 12-07-2008
Title pretty much says it all. Food Network HD and HGTV HD coming to Charter "Basic HD" in Rockwall, TX Dec 9th; HGTV on Chan 754 Food Network HD on Chan 755.
somemightsay's Avatar somemightsay 10:41 PM 12-09-2008
Originally Posted by somemightsay View Post

Title pretty much says it all. Food Network HD and HGTV HD coming to Charter "Basic HD" in Rockwall, TX Dec 9th; HGTV on Chan 754 Food Network HD on Chan 755.

Surprisingly enough (and yes, I'm being sarcastic), these channels aren't yet active tonight -- at least for me. I am getting the "NOT AUTHORIZED" banner on both channels. At least they are slotted in the receiver, though.

I would call in to Charter support, but I have a suspicion that would be more trouble than it's worth.
popweaverhdtv's Avatar popweaverhdtv 04:10 AM 12-15-2008
FX HD (732), NGC HD (733) and MLB (in SD on 345) are up and running as of 6 a.m. on the Asheville, NC System. These are supposed to be added in Upstate SC, as well.
somemightsay's Avatar somemightsay 07:44 PM 12-17-2008
Originally Posted by somemightsay View Post

Surprisingly enough (and yes, I'm being sarcastic), these channels aren't yet active tonight -- at least for me. I am getting the "NOT AUTHORIZED" banner on both channels. At least they are slotted in the receiver, though.

I would call in to Charter support, but I have a suspicion that would be more trouble than it's worth.

It took a call to support to have them send a reset to my box to get the NOT AUTHORIZED message resolved. (Was told to leave the box ON for this reset) It seemed to hork up TBS HD though (the first channel after the two new ones on our system) That was a few days ago, I haven't fired up the DVR since then.

Originally Posted by popweaverhdtv View Post

FX HD (732), NGC HD (733) and MLB (in SD on 345) are up and running as of 6 a.m. on the Asheville, NC System. These are supposed to be added in Upstate SC, as well.

I wish we'd gotten FX HD here. Ah, well, perhaps next year...
somemightsay's Avatar somemightsay 11:13 PM 01-15-2009
Had a message on my DVR a few nights ago that we were getting three new HD channels here in Rockwall, TX. They are USA HD, National Geographic HD, Science Channel HD, and a local KDFI (Chan 27) which is a "MyNetworkTV" affiliate. The channels were promised for Thursday the 15th (tonight), and sure enough, there they were. I was kind of hoping for CNN HD or Bravo HD, but still I'm happy with the addition of new HD channels.

Almost forgot -- we also had WFAA-HD (the ABC affiliate) added a few weeks back. They are Belo owned, and had been missing from the Charter HD lineup for quite a while.
redwings1914's Avatar redwings1914 09:13 PM 01-20-2009
New Charter channels in Fort Worth
758 National Geographic HD Exp Basic (HD Only)
760 CNN HD Exp Basic (HD Only)
761 USA HD Exp Basic (HD Only)
762 Bravo HD Exp Basic (HD Only)
764 The Science Channel HD Digital View Plus (HD Only)
779 Speed HD Exp Basic (HD Only)
786 KDFI-DT - MyTV Basic (HD Only)
788 WFAA-DT - ABC Basic (HD Only)
797 Sci Fi HD Exp Basic (HD Only)
798 fx HD (East) Exp Basic (HD Only)

Speed HD and Bravo HD are new additions to Charter nation.
Marcus Carr's Avatar Marcus Carr 08:36 AM 01-22-2009
WFN and WFN HD also have carriage pacts with Dish Network, Verizon FiOs and Charter Communications.
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