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donkeykong0's Avatar donkeykong0 01:05 AM 03-26-2009
my comcast hd dvr remote seems to not be accepting inputs for remote codes. i do the hold setup button, then input the 4 digit code, then it's supposed to blink twice to accept the code. mine does nothing. any suggestions?

thanks, and sorry if this is a re-post, i did a search.

connector_guy's Avatar connector_guy 09:49 PM 03-29-2009
take the batteries out and leave them out for a bit to reset the remote. this is so that you can be sure it is not in the middle of a prior programming. check the batteries. if the remote has no juice then you're going to get no where. be sure there is a good line between the remove and the box. I suggest roughly 6-8 feet to be sure the signal is getting to the unit. If the unit is new then you should be able to get your provider to help or even replace the remote.

Good luck
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