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solitaryman422's Avatar solitaryman422 09:04 AM 06-23-2011
I just moved to an area that Only allows comcast, so I had to give up my DirecTV (it's ironic for the place I just left was the Total opposite!?) Anyways, I was having problems with my Scientific Atlanta 8300 & comcast just switched the DVR to a Cisco RNG200. I programmed in my Onkyo receiver to AUX, But it will Only turn it off Not on. I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem programming their receiver? Also, am I locked into this remote that came with the DVR, or is there a remote available where I can program in my other components?
Thanks, solitaryman422

vickyg2003's Avatar vickyg2003 10:14 AM 06-23-2011
You might want to check this post

If you need more information post on the JP1 forum.

The Cisco RNG200 uses an XMP protocol. This is a difficult protocol to "learn" or "train", so you need to find a remote with the code built in.
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