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Ticker305's Avatar Ticker305 06:29 AM 09-27-2011
I have a Samsung square-flat tube HDTV 1080i connected in my room with standard cable. In the living room I have a newer Sony 1080p LED and I'm able to convert the network channels into HD with the cable plugged in, the HD channels start at 93.1 and look really good, also I was told they were uncompressed.

Now on my Samsung I tried do do the same thing, but I'm not able to get those 93.1 and up channels. Instead it has a cable HRC or IRC setting. Out of the two the HRC seems to look a little clearer, but does this convert the standard cable to HD? Now everytime I change channels it scrambles for a second before clearing up. Do I need to install an air antenna to get 1080i on there, not sure how that works.

Also what is a good air antenna to receive HDTV, my dad wants one for his tv to watch football on Sundays, since the HD cable at his house is really compressed and looks like crap on his 55incher. I'd really appreciate any help, thanks.

olyteddy's Avatar olyteddy 08:30 AM 09-27-2011
HRC just assigns a different frequency for some of the CATV channels. It has nothing to do with HD. If your Samsung is more than a couple of years old, the only HD you might get on it would be Over The Air, with an antenna. There are external tuners available that will get you (pretty much) the same channels as your Sony and you could always rent a cable box.
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