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guilio_2010's Avatar guilio_2010 11:39 AM 02-18-2012
I haven'e seen a post since 2007 on this, but wanted to see if there is any new products for transmitting cable signals to room with no cable outlet? I want to have a transmitter in my basement where I have my version fios box at, then transmit the signal upstairs. Are there any new products that have better transmission for this type of application?

egnlsn's Avatar egnlsn 01:28 PM 02-18-2012
The only thing that can be sent wirelessly is baseband audio/video.
RCbridge's Avatar RCbridge 08:10 AM 02-19-2012
No way to do the HD but they still make the devices that send modulated signals (one at a time). You must tune the device in the room that it resides in.
MrBobb's Avatar MrBobb 03:57 PM 02-19-2012
Originally Posted by egnlsn View Post

The only thing that can be sent wirelessly is baseband audio/video.

Meaning u can only view 1 channel at a time and the tuner won't be next to the TV meaning u have to rig some sort of IR extender and.... if that makes u happy so u don't have to lay a RG6.
blueiedgod's Avatar blueiedgod 12:07 PM 02-21-2012
Look into building an HTPC and use a CableCard tuner. Verizon charges $4/month to rent a cableCard and it is capable of decrypting 6 streams at once. You can distribute the decrypted HD TV signal over home network.
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