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10-30-2012 | Posts: 1,011
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I recently received a Motorola dct2524/1612 converter from my cable company.

With my DTAs I can hold the 'info' key to get into the service menu and see details like the actual frequency of the channel I'm watching.
Does this Motorola converter have similar information available somewhere?
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09-12-2013 | Posts: 2,740
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I'm wondering the same thing. I also can't find a frickin' manual anywhere. I was hooking up my 2160A to it and took a better look at the back and it has 4 (four) RF connectors. The DCT2500 has an RF bypass (and 6 RF connectors), but this one does not appear to have one, but I can't be sure because all those connectors have got to be for something.
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09-12-2013 | Posts: 1,011
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IIRC the RF bypass is considered an outdated feature. It's meant to work a bit like a splitter so you can send the raw RF to a VCR and then back to the converter to decode from there.

That way you can record one show and watch another. Of course since no one has a VCR and most QAM is scrambled, the cable companies assume it has no use.
I've don't recall ever hearing of 6 RF though.
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