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Macleod52's Avatar Macleod52 09:47 PM 12-17-2012
I have basic digital cable. My local HD channels all show the program information but no other stations do. I have the coax directly plugged into my TV. Is this a limitation due to not having a set top box or is there something with my TV's setup preventing all of the information to be displayed? I've tried setting the date/time manually as well as auto but neither of those had any effect.
I have Mediacom cable in the Quad Cities (Davenport, Moline, Rock Island, Bettendorf) and my TV is a Samsung PN59D7000. Any help would be appreciated.

tveli's Avatar tveli 09:48 AM 02-06-2013
Seems normal/reasonable/expected-behavior.

Indeed, the provider's set-top box probably would be able to provide the program information for the other channels.
olyteddy's Avatar olyteddy 08:45 PM 02-06-2013
The local HD channels are piped pretty much directly into the cable and carry the info that is broadcast, whereas the resized to SD version of these channels is also re-encoded. Most of the non-broadcast channels don't carry any information. The program guide you get on a cable converter is downloaded to the box independent of any of the channels.
RCbridge's Avatar RCbridge 12:59 PM 02-10-2013
Is this important to you or do you just want to know the answer as explained above you will need a STB to get the guide data.
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