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pastrami122's Avatar pastrami122 02:23 PM 04-15-2014
Recently bought a new Bravia (Kdl60R550A) and when I hooked up my satellite receiver to the TV it displayed weak signal, unable to connect. Now, if I connect the same receiver to my old bravia in he same room it works fine. I am at a loss. Can't determine where the disconnect is. Thoughts?

Ratman's Avatar Ratman 02:58 PM 04-15-2014
Using HDMI?
Check/change the video output settings of the satellite receiver.
Mark12547's Avatar Mark12547 11:00 PM 04-15-2014

How are you connecting the satellite receiver to the TV? Are you using a HDMI cable? (If so, try a different cable, try a different HDMI port since some TVs do special things with the first HDMI port.) In general, if the satellite receiver and the TV both have HDMI, I would recommend using HDMI, but that may mean making sure other outputs of the satellite receiver are disconnected


Are you connecting the satellite receiver to this TV the same way you connected it to the other TV? If not, the satellite receiver may need to be configured for the different output port.


Have you tried a different signal for the TV to make sure that the port on the TV works, e.g., if you are trying to feed the TV a HDMI signal from the satellite receiver, try feeding the same port on the TV from a blu-ray player if you have one to verify that the specific port on the TV does indeed work.


If you are using an RF coax connection to the TV, did you tell the new TV to rescan the channels while the satellite receiver is on so the TV would recognize the channel the satellite receiver is sending its signal on for the TV? (If this is an old satellite receiver that handles only standard-def programs, the TV may have to be tuned to analog channel 3, in some places analog channel 4, to receive the signal.)


Are you using any devices at all between the satellite receiver and the TV, such as a receiver to handle the sound? If so, try just going from the satellite receiver to the TV to see if that works without any piece of equipment in between. (Sometimes an intermediate piece of equipment may cause issues, particularly with HDCP handshake on the HDMI ports.)


If none of this helps, please tell us what outputs are available on the particular satellite receiver you have, what output port you are using on the satellite receiver, and what input port you are using on the TV, and whether the satellite receiver and TV were acquired in the same country.


Thank you.

pastrami122's Avatar pastrami122 12:10 PM 04-23-2014
I am connecting my receiver to the tv vi hdmi.

The receiver is connected via coax from the wall.

My connection set-up from my old bravia is the same. I can connect the receiver to the old bravia at anytime and it works no problem.

I hve no middle devices connected between the tv and receiver.

I set-up the tv with the receiver on, an it did not find any channels.

I have additionally shut off bravia sync settings
RollTide2011's Avatar RollTide2011 05:19 PM 04-23-2014
Sounds like your tv may have a bad HDMI port I would try a different source such as a BluRay player and perhaps a new high speed HDMI cable. Return tv if that's the problem
Ratman's Avatar Ratman 08:12 AM 04-24-2014
Think about this:
Same satellite receiver, same HDMI cable. One TV works, the other doesn't.
That would make one assume that the HDMI cable is good and the satellite receiver is good (per se).

So... I would again suggest, check the video output settings of the satellite receiver. Perhaps it is set to a resolution that the "new" TV does not support.
Also, what do you mean by, "I set-up the tv with the receiver on, an it did not find any channels."? When using an HDMI input on the TV, the satellite receiver is one that controls the channels, not the TV. Perhaps you just need to change the "new" TV to the appropriate HDMI input. wink.gif
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