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08-30-2014 | Posts: 353
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Last week @ salvation army... I couldnt believe it!!!

THIS WAS THE BEST MODEM I EVER HAD........ I dont see why they would care if I wanted to activate it (I would keep paying them the monthly rental fee even though I have my own (They might not like the idea of losing $$$$ to an owned modem)) We have 2 active modems now on the account...

My system is docsis 3.0 and this modem is 1.1 ..... THATS PLENTY FAST FOR ME.... I dont get more than 5MB down usually and 5MB is quite nice!!! (I think 1.1 can provide 20MB down if im not mistaken)

This SMC router they gave me is not nearly as good..... It is not AS PICKY as the PCX5000 is but its not quite as good either!!! (The PCX wants the levels to be just right or it has problems (locks up,etc))

Ah well........
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