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mfrizzz's Avatar mfrizzz 04:30 PM 05-27-2000
I heard somewhere that there is a service available that will allow a high-speed internet connection with a dbs satellite. Does anyone out there have this service and can you give a review on how well it works? I'm building a new home and I want to find a internet service better than using the phone lines. The local cable service has one, but I am a big fan of directv and would like to avoid getting cable service. thanks


rudolpht's Avatar rudolpht 06:45 PM 05-27-2000
My quick recollection is two way business based satcom is up & pricey. Two way DirecPC (I had the old DirecPC but it had it's good and bad points) and Gilat-at-home are supposed to be up in the fall/winter timeframe. Looking forward to Gilat if DSL or cable doesn't happen here soon.

I would do a search on the forums for "Gilat" and "DirecPC." I hate to say it, but DBSdish did have a few good threads on the topic.
RickS's Avatar RickS 01:38 PM 05-29-2000
Here is a link to a Canadian site that is providing the kind of service that I think is very interesting. Express Vu Internet Service

baimo's Avatar baimo 03:31 PM 05-29-2000
Press release from April

EchoStar Invests $50 Million in Gilat-To-Home to Offer First Two-Way Satellite Internet Access Combined with DISH Network Satellite Television on Single Dish

This should be live by the EOY. DirectTV has announced similar plans.

mfrizzz's Avatar mfrizzz 07:22 PM 05-29-2000
Thanks. This is exactly what I was looking for. I've been a DirecTV guy, but I will begin researching Dish Network...Are they offering any HDTV broadcasts???
David Bott's Avatar David Bott 07:36 PM 05-29-2000
The Dish system is going into field testing. A local A/V shop will be getting a test unit. I will be the one hooking it up to their local area network (I'm their net admin) and will report back when I see it in action. Please don't ask know how these things go.

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Nethawk's Avatar Nethawk 06:42 AM 05-30-2000
Sounds exciting, David. I'm a network engineer myself, and live way out in the boonies (I can't even get ISDN, much less cable or DSL), so for two very compelling reasons I am interested in Gilat. Transmission speeds themselves are impressive, though in certain situations the latency that satellite data transmission adds may be inconvenient. I hope we are able to see comprehensive performance reviews as a result of the beta period.

I even thought ahead specifically for Gilat - I just hung my two dishes (will be a new Dish subscriber as soon as one of the receivers arrives) over the weekend and ran a third cable into my house for data.

Any new information on Gilat that can be provided would be most welcome.



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barry kelman's Avatar barry kelman 03:48 PM 05-30-2000
Unfortunately, Nethawk, you're going to have to replace one of those dishes to get Gilat-To-Home. It uses a 24"x36" elliptical dish with 3 LNBs, since the Gilat datastream is currently coming from GE4 (at 101). Even tho Gilat is partnering with E*, the arrangement is exactly the same as the 3-LNB DirecTV plus dish. Only difference is that the Gilat LNB is a BUD-style H/V polarized Ku unit, which is much larger than a circular polarized DSS LNB. They've got a nice webpage at . If you click on the FAQ link, there's a signup link in the 5th paragraph.

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