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KingerT's Avatar KingerT 08:20 AM 02-27-2009
Hey guys, I'm kind of new (this is my second post)

I'm looking to convert HDMI to VGA - mainly so I can hookup my stand-alone BD Player and PS3 to my projector.

I've looked at the HDFury.
But I also see MANY HDMI to VGA cables available on Ebay that are very
inexpensive (and some of them look like they even split out the audio to RCA which the Fury doesn't do (or does it? ))
All of them claim 1080p (I can't post links)

My question is:

What's the difference between the HDFury and these cables?



crutschow's Avatar crutschow 10:46 AM 02-27-2009
You get what you pay for. The cables are a scam. HDMI is digital and VGA is analog. You need a D/A converter such as the HDFury has, to go from HDMI to analog. (The HDFury2 does output analog and digital audio also.)

You can go from HDMI to DVI-D since that's digital to digital. Does your projector have a DVI-D input?

But don't your BD player and PS3 have analog video outputs? Or does your projector only accept VGA?
KingerT's Avatar KingerT 11:25 AM 02-27-2009
Really? Hard to believe all those cables for sale are scams. There are hundreds all from different sellers. Oh well.

I have an old projector (proxima DP 9260)
It does have component inputs though.

thanks for you help crutschow
crutschow's Avatar crutschow 12:07 PM 02-27-2009
I know, I was amazed at all the HDMI to VGA cables for sale.

There is one possibility I hadn't really considered, that there is a D/A converter circuit in the connector. I don't see how they could do that for the price, given the complexity of the conversion requirements, but it is conceivable. (Edit) If you read the descriptions it appears to be just a cable, nothing more.

I suppose for the price, you could give it a try, if you really need the conversion.

But for your needs, a component connection would work just as well, unless you prefer to run HDMI for some reason.
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