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enzeno's Avatar enzeno 08:20 AM 05-11-2009
Hello - I have been researching and researching - and have found very little about this topic (other than many definitions of the two). I am trying to understand if I should go with RISER rated vs PLENUM rated cat 6 for wiring the house for ethernet. I know that both are fire retardent at different levels - with Plenum being the highest rated and designed for the plenum areas of buildings.

However, of course it looks like Plenum is about 3x the cost - and I feel like it could totally be overkill.

Now - my biggest issue is that I do not want to run all of this nice cable and then go to sell the house and the wiring does not pass code and have to pull it all. Plus, I of course want to make sure the solution is safe.

The cabling will pass through a crawl space where there the heat exchanger / hot water heater is located (but the cabling will be run in a fashion that is physically goes nowhere close to these systems - it is a large walk in crawlspace). In no place do I plan on running wiring THROUGH the ventilation systems. Always in other places.

I feel like RISER is probably enough - but anyone that has any input to the subject it would be appreciated.


egnlsn's Avatar egnlsn 08:28 AM 05-11-2009
Plenum would be a WASTE of money for a typical residential application. Plenum rated cable is needed if the cable path is in the return air space of an HVAC system, not merely in the same room as the equipment. Unless your house would be a MAJOR exception to the norm, CMR would be fine.
enzeno's Avatar enzeno 09:17 AM 05-11-2009
Thanks! That is what I was looking for.
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