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01-09-2012 | Posts: 7
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Hi all,

New to this forum, so I hope this thread is in the right place... I also hope this is not a double post. I've read a lot of posts that look simular but I feel my issue (at least the length of the delay) is unique...

My AVR (Onkyo TX-NR808) generates very long delays when switching on/or between HDMI inputs. The main display (Philips 40PFL-9704H) wil mostly just say 'no input signal' or sometimes 'video format not supported'. The AVR display on the front says 'no signal' or 'resolution error'.

The delays occur also when I switch the input channel of the TV to the receiver. For instance when I'm watching TV without using my receiver on, say, HDMI 2, and I switch to HDMI 1, which is the input from the receiver.

The Nintendo Wii has acceptable delays, 4-5 secs, (this maybe because it is just a S-video connection and not HDMI).
The cable box (Cisco 8485) has a delay of 20-40 secs.
The BluRay (Philips BDP7500) also 20-40 secs.
The laptop (MBP 2008, HDMI connection) a delay of up to 4-5 mins, during which the laptop will flicker blue every now and then.
The laptop will not connect at all if I use a separate (optical) audio connection.

I know this digital handshaking is something I'll just have to live with. But these delays are abnormal in my opinion.

I have already tried using a different HDMI input on the TV but it didn't help.

I tried forcing the output resolution of the Onkyo to 1080p, but that didn't work either. Set it to "through" and "auto", both no change.

My Cable box is connected to the receiver first via a powered Aten switch (don't know the model, 2-port active HDMI switch about € 45.00). The other output is directly linked to the TV so we can watch TV without using the Onkyo (and without handshaking issues) I've tried removing the switch: no change. I've tried putting the switch between the TV and the Receiver (I've read on this forum that this could help) but alas no change.

My hardware:
AVR: Onkyo TX-NR808
TV: Philips 40PFL-9704H

Cisco 8485 (via 2-port Aten switch)
Philips BDP7500
Nintendo Wii (not via HDMI but S-Video)
Apple MacBook Pro (minidisplay port to HDMI converter)

So my questions are:
- Should I even be thinking of a handshaking issue, or might there be something else wrong, and should I contact the dealer?
- Are there other methods to try and bypass this problem? (I've read about the Gefen HDMI Detective, but I'd rather not spend another €100 if I'm not sure it'll work)
- Does anyone else have simular issues?
- Could it be due to poor quality cables? Or other suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
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01-09-2012 | Posts: 664
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What kind of cables and what length? Also have you tried updating firmware on the Onkyo? Do you have the same issue bringing the Onkyo's OSD menu up?
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01-09-2012 | Posts: 7
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The cables connecting the different sources to the receiver are overpriced monster cables (high-speed gold plated, <1m) I got them with the TV... I should sue Monster Cable if they're not good enough Only the one connecting the laptop to the receiver is a Belkin DVI-HDMI cable, with an Apple MiniDisplay-DVI converter thingy.

The cable connecting the TV with the receiver might be a cheap one, I don't know because I haven't bought it myself (it was new though). I can't switch with different cables easily because of the length (I need at least 3m to reach the TV). But I'd consider buying new ones it if there's a good chance of succes.

I have updated the firmware recently yes. It didn't help.

If I remember correctly, bringing up the Onkyo's menu doesn't take very long but switching back to one of the HDMI feeds does... I'll have to double check tonight (not at home now).

By the way I think the thread should be somewhere else, if any mod reads this feel free to move it accordingly...
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01-09-2012 | Posts: 7
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Home now, here's the complete setup:

Cisco -> Brandless 1m HDMI -> Aten Switch
Aten Switch -> Brandless HDMI ±2m -> Philips TV
Aten Switch -> Monster Cable High-speed HDMI 1m - > Onkyo
Philips BluRay -> Monster Cable High-speed HDMI 1m -> Onkyo
Laptop -> Apple MiniDisplay-DVI -> Belkin DVI-HDMI 1m -> Onkyo
Onkyo -> Brandless HDMI ±3m -> Philips TV

Going to the Onkyo Setup menu takes about 4-5 secs, so that's probably normal.
Exiting the Setup menu (returning to HDMI feed) is long again (32.9 secs now)

Firmware version: 1061-0900-0010-2103
Latest update
ktrdsl23's Avatar ktrdsl23
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01-09-2012 | Posts: 226
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Those delays do sound quite excessive. Focusing on the Blu-ray, are you powering it on without a disc in? Some blu-ray players take forever to load up video from a disc so part of that delay could be there is truly no video signal. Try powering it up without a disc so it just loads the home screen of the player (assuming it has one) or if it doesn't, load up a DVD rather than a BD.

The goal is to see if both the Cable box and BDP are having the delays or if it is truly the cable box with the long delay and the BDP is being caused by a slow player.
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01-10-2012 | Posts: 58
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"- Does anyone else have simular issues?"

I use an Onkyo TX-SR606 which is starting to produce longer delays on two sources.

The Pioneer Blu-ray now takes 3-4 minutes and a Philips dvr takes 2-3 mins. They used to take less than 30 sec.

The regular dvd player and stb still only take about 10 sec.

I use all monoprice hdmi cables and tried swapping them around. No difference.

The one thing we have in common is Onkyo AVR. I wonder if there is a correlation?
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01-12-2012 | Posts: 7
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Could be. I'm suspicious about both the Onkyo and the Cisco box at this point. But it could be anything...

An update to my personal experience is that recently I've experienced less but more irregular delay's. I've updated the Onkyo's firmware but I'm not convinced this is the reason of the irregularity of the delays, since right after updating there was no difference...

I've spend almost an hour with a stopwatch and the remotes in front of my setup. The delays are most frequent with the Cisco box and longest with the laptop. I can't get the BluRay to delay at all anymore, which is nice but frustrating because I don't know why...

The most annoying thing of all at this point is that the delays seem completely irregular, making it very hard to test different setups, cables, settings whatever....
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