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Xterrer's Avatar Xterrer 08:16 AM 03-16-2012
I just bought a home with a workshop/garage located about 300-400 meters from the main house. The workshop has a phone jack that is on the same line as the house.

I want to be able to call the house from the workshop or vise versa through the phone jack.

Wireless is not a consideration at this time and a physical line would be a challenge due to a brook and other obstructions.

I am looking for possibly a corded phone capable of paging the house or something like that that is relatively low cost.

Anyone out here have any suggestions?

dharel's Avatar dharel 11:44 AM 03-16-2012
You say the garage is on the same line as the house and then say a physical line is not possible.

Is the phone jack in the garage wired to the house?

If so, get a set of wired phones that have an intercom feature.

Something like this should work.
NickTheGreat's Avatar NickTheGreat 12:00 PM 03-16-2012
Growing up, we could pick up the garage phone, dial our phone number, hang up garage phone, and it'd ring the line. Then the person in the house would pick up, and you could pick up the garage phone and talk.

I think that was the case. It's been probably 20 years or so now . . .
Satori84's Avatar Satori84 06:19 PM 03-16-2012
Is the existing cable between the buildings a direct run? Is it only a single pair or multipair? (Take off the wallplate with the phone jack and look inside). If one or more pairs in a cable bewteen the two buildings is unused, a simple wired intercom can be used, separate from the phone.

Even old telco wiring was done with a quad cable (red, green, yellow, black conductors). The red/green is all that is neded for a single phone line, so the unused yellow/black pair can connect two IC stations. An example of a simple two wire (one pair) intercom is the Intertalk WC121, about $30 from Amazon and other websites.

More recent telco wiring uses "category" wire with 4 pairs...more options for intercom stations, and/or aditional phone lines as needed.

If there's only a single pair, or the line is "multed" (two lines tied at the Telco post or crossconnect block, and not a direct run) you have fewer options. Would a wireless intercom work at that range?
gregzoll's Avatar gregzoll 07:26 PM 03-16-2012
The best route, is if you have a cell phone, use it, vs. putting more money into a ancient technology. Now days of course, people are building VoIP PBX boxes for their homes, for situations like this, by using Open source PBX solutions.
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