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Warren B's Avatar Warren B
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03-27-2012 | Posts: 15
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I want to use my FIOS HD cable box in my bedroom to also run a TV on my deck. I will not be watching both tvs at the same time so I don't mind if the channel is changed on the deck.

My plan was to purchase http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...seq=1&format=2

I would hook the BR TV with HDMI out and the deck tv with the cat 6 cable.

1) Would this setup work or is their another recommended alternative?
2) Would the cable remote work on the deck to control the cable box in the br?
3) could the cat 6 cable be terminated with a keystone and a cat 6 path cable used to continue to the adapter that converts the signal back to hdmi. Or does the cat 6 cable run have to be uninterrupted.
4) How to protect the equipment from the weather (enclosures?)
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03-28-2012 | Posts: 102
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Not sure if your cable box would allow this, but for directv I run hdmi to one location and component video and digital audio to the other.
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03-28-2012 | Posts: 2,524
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It would be easier to use a Slingbox, or wireless tv extender, than go through all of that. If you want to make for a more permanent solution if this is an enclosed patio, you could put in a set of jacks to hook up the box to coax. If not enclosed, go with the sling box option, or just get a very long cord to reach out to the patio, and keep it rolled up behind what ever the tv sits on.

Now on the offside, moving it back and forth, there is always that risk, that Murphy will rear its ugly head, and somewhere, some time, you will be in the middle of moving the tv, and something will take your attention away just for a moment, and opps goes the set.
ljo000's Avatar ljo000
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03-28-2012 | Posts: 785
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The solution you propose would work fine. Keep in mind that you'll need to run 2x Cat6 to each display to use that matrix. A couple points though:

First, seeing as you are only using one source, why not go with an HDBaseT solution for the same cost as the matrix? This only needs 1 Cat6 run and is a much more robust solution. In the future if you decide to add more sources, you can always add a cheap HDMI switch or an A/V receiver.

That brings me to my second point - if you're running new Cat6, seriously consider running speaker wire as well and putting at least 2 decent speakers in the 2 locations (especially outside). This will greatly improve the audio and doesn't all have to be done at once if budget is a big issue. For example you could:

- Run the Cat6 and speaker wire now and use the splitter I recommend above
- Later add the speakers and an A/V receiver with 2 zone output

Edit: also, run more Cat6 than you think you'd need. Its so versatile if you decide to change things in the future.
Warren B's Avatar Warren B
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03-29-2012 | Posts: 15
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Thanks for the input. Any ideas on if the cat 6 has to be a continuous run?
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03-30-2012 | Posts: 785
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What do you mean by continuous run?

Edit: Never mind, I understand what you mean. Splicing 2 cat6 together 'should' be fine. For example, in my setup I have Cat5e terminated with a plug on one end connected to a balun, and a wallplate/keystone jack at the other. Then I use a Cat6 patch cable for the balun at the TV end. Everything works without a hitch. Obviously this could introduce errors if there were any termination issues.
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