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emilime75's Avatar emilime75 05:26 PM 04-30-2012
Allright, I have searched and read all over the net but I have not found an exact answer just yet. Here's my scenario. I have a centrally located closet where I will have 3 Comcast STB's. I need the video/audio from those boxes to travel to 3 different HDTVs that are 50-75 feet away. Being that Comcast outputs in 1080i/720p I thought that maybe just straight HDMI runs would suffice but I am hesitant of that, plus one of the TV's is going on a masonary wall with a very, very narrow access path behind it, so Cat6 would be much easier to run. Also, if I decide to upgrade sources one day, say add a Bluray player I'd like to make sure the signal would get passed without hiccups and not have to open up wall again to run new/different wiring. So, I think Cat6 is the right choice for wire, now I need to decide on the converters/extenders.

I am looking for advice on single HDMI/Cat6 extenders costing no more than $150 each. Or, a 3 or 4 unit matrix type of extender that costs no more than $500-600. I need either of these to have IR inputs and outputs so each room can control it's own STB. I've come across a few choices, but with no online reviews on the specific products and so many varied reviews in general on HDMI/Cat6 extenders makes it really difficult to make a decision and spend the bucks. Here are links to the products I am considering...

Any other product recommendations or helpful review links or advice would be greatly appreciated.

fcwilt's Avatar fcwilt 06:38 PM 04-30-2012
I would suggest you check this tech out:

You can find multiple companies making products based on this tech.

It's likely going to cost more but it will be worth it IMO.

Most of the older products using "catx" wiring need two cables. If you go this route you would also want to be sure the product supports that latest HDMI spec - many don't.
emilime75's Avatar emilime75 07:28 PM 04-30-2012
I've run across some of those as I searched, but I can't afford those prices. I need at least 3, maybe 4, that's around $1000 for extenders, unless someone knows of more affordable 10baset options that are reliable.
scl23enn4m3's Avatar scl23enn4m3 07:34 PM 04-30-2012
50 to 75ft isn't a long enough run to justify those prices imo, especially if you're just doing 2D 720p/1080i. I'd suggest just going with the monoprice extenders:

EDIT: Darn. I just noticed you require IR. Yeah, that doesn't look to be cheap.
EDIT 2: It might be cheaper to just run a second Cat6 for IR. Or grab some of these:
There are even cheaper options than the Sewell as well.
ljo000's Avatar ljo000 08:22 PM 04-30-2012
The units the GP links are dual Cat5e/Cat6 ones. Monoprice is the cheapest for HDBase-T and they are over $150. The one that includes IR is $223.

A couple options:

1. Have you thought about doing component over cat6 instead? You'll get just as good PQ from your set-top boxes. Then in the future you can upgrade to HDBase-T if you add a Bluray.

2. If you really want HDMI, you could always use a cheaper proprietary 2x cable solution. I use a monoprice set for $43 + shipping each and it works fine with 1080p res (source > AVR > Extender > 50' Cat5e > Extender > TV). Doesn't include IR though but there are lots that do.

3. If you do go with the cheaper unit for HDMI, you could add a third Cat5e/Cat6 run for IR using the Hot Link XL. Its $84 on amazon shipped. Total cost is $127 per display + 3 cable runs if combined with the extender from 2.
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