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dw886's Avatar dw886 03:42 PM 08-14-2012

I've heard that there's a replacement on the pipeline for the MCA-C5 units from Russound. Does anyone have any information as to what the new models will have, and what the timeline for the new model looks like?

I was about to pull the trigger on two C5s, and now I'm wondering if I should wait. We're in the middle of construction and won't be into our house until mid-November.

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Neurorad's Avatar Neurorad 07:03 PM 08-14-2012
I thought the MCA-C5 was a pretty new unit. Where did you hear this info?

I bet it won't be released for at least 6 mos after an announcement.
dw886's Avatar dw886 08:31 PM 08-14-2012
I was talking with a retailer and it came up - I wasn't able to get many details. When I got home I went online and started looking for units. Many of the retailers show "out of stock", "temporarily unavailable", "only 2 left", etc. I'm not sure if anyone on here sells Russound that can comment.
jautor's Avatar jautor 08:49 PM 08-14-2012
If there is something new coming, very likely it will get announced the week of CEDIA after Labor Day...
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