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juicegoose's Avatar juicegoose 07:48 AM 08-17-2012
This might not be the right place but I didn't know where else to post it. We recently moved into a new home(built in 2004). Where all of the AV equipment/speaker wiring comes out of a wall there was 2 RG6 jacks. After having the satellite guy stumped for a solid hour as to why one didn't work I figured out that one of the jacks was wired to the central distribution unit for the homes satellite and networking and the other simply ran from the jack through a stud to the right and then was bundled into the speaker wiring. The only thing I can think of is that this allows for the home owner to hook all the speaker wires up together including an rg6 wire for a sub. The speaker wires then go up into the ceiling and like I said the rg6 cable just goes about 2 feet to a jack in the wall. Am I crazy or is this for a sub connection? It its not then what might it be for?

Neurorad's Avatar Neurorad 08:38 AM 08-17-2012
Sounds like a subwoofer connection, from what you describe.
jautor's Avatar jautor 08:40 AM 08-17-2012
Certainly sounds like a subwoofer connection. Running coax for a sub is common practice... The short distance could be for looks, but I'll guess that the original owner paid for a "5.1 install", and so even though the placement of the sub could have been done without a cable in the wall - that's what he paid for!

juicegoose's Avatar juicegoose 08:59 AM 08-17-2012
Thanks for the verification. Would you guys think it would effect sound quality any by having the multiple connections? Also I just picked up my first powered and and was going to run the coax to it. If i used the wall plate I would need the make a RG6-RCA cable right?
jours's Avatar jours 09:23 AM 08-17-2012
Originally Posted by juicegoose View Post

If i used the wall plate I would need the make a RG6-RCA cable right?

They make RG6 to RCA inserts for those wall plates. You screw the RG6 to the inside of it an connect a regular RCA to the outside.


Like this. Lowe's had them on the shelf last time I was there.
juicegoose's Avatar juicegoose 09:39 AM 08-17-2012
Netko350Z's Avatar Netko350Z 06:29 AM 08-24-2012
That is my worst fear... buying a house that someone else decided to wire up for A/V
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