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Hi everyone,

I'm new here and new to home audio as well. I bought a new home about 9 months ago that was pre-wired for 5 channel home theater as well as a second zone with 2 channels in the dining area. I purchased a receiver and 5.1 speakers for the home theater and got that setup great. However, I'm unsure about what I need for the second zone; specifically for the volume control on the wall in that room (which is also pre-wired for). I've looked at many volume controls online and I'm not sure what I need for my simple setup with my existing zone 1 that has the 5.1 home theater and the zone 2 that will have 2 channels. Any advice from experts out there?

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With only one pair to support, any volume control will work fine. The differences in volume controls is usually whether it supports impedance-matching or not. For your case (only one pair connected), you don't need that feature...

If your receiver has a zone2 pre-amp output, you can add a simple external amp (like the AudioSource AMP-100) to power zone2. Without a zone2 output, you could a simple stereo receiver to power the zone and allow switching of multiple sources.

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