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MichaelSJ's Avatar MichaelSJ
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12-19-2012 | Posts: 3
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I have a Sony STR-DA300ES A/V feeding a Sony TV. I also go to bed later than the rest of the family and with my hearing loss I need to have the volume high which results in a lot "Turn the TV down!".

I want to find a Bluetooth transmitter I can plug into the .25" audio jack on the A/V unit to broadcast approximately 10' to a Sony BT-DR50 set of earphones (nice set BTW).

Any ideas would be appreciated.
mbarland's Avatar mbarland
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12-20-2012 | Posts: 155
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I ordered this:

Should arrive today (Friday), so if you don't get any other takers I'll review for ya.
MichaelSJ's Avatar MichaelSJ
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12-21-2012 | Posts: 3
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Thank you for the reply.

This is not what I am after. I need to be able to mute the speakers, using the .25" audio jack. What you are buying is apparently for adding speakers without running wires.
mbarland's Avatar mbarland
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12-22-2012 | Posts: 155
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No, this works just as you describe. It plugs into either the 3.5mm headphone jack or the line out rcas. It can either transmit or receive, I am only using the transmit. I am transmitting to a set of bluetooth headphones.

As for my brief review after playing with it. Setup was fairly easily, but I'm having trouble gettingthe pairing between the headphones and the transmitter to stick. Once they are paired, I can listen to whatever is on the tv thru the headphones, though with a slight delay. It is noticeable, but not unacceptable to me. I am able to turn the tv volume to 0 and control the volume on my headset.

I can report back on long term findings later, maybe I'll sort out the pairing problems. But initial report is it works well and I'm reasonably happy.
MichaelSJ's Avatar MichaelSJ
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12-24-2012 | Posts: 3
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Thank you for the additional info.

Pairing will be important as I will need to distinguish a least 4 other Bluetooth devices in range.
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