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WHA Beginner's Avatar WHA Beginner 09:29 AM 01-11-2013
I'm currently in the throws of renovating my house and have run speaker cables to all of the priniciple downstairs rooms (3). I'd like to have a single source system to be controlled from an ipad/iphone.

I'm not an audiophile so I'd like to keep the costs as low as possible but would just like to be able to choose audio from itunes and select which room(s) to play it in. If I got an AM/FM tuner in there too it would be great but it's not a necesity.

Any suggestions for a cheap single source, three zone, Ipad controlled system?

jautor's Avatar jautor 09:58 AM 01-11-2013
Sonos Connect:Amp and an impedance-matching speaker selector (RadioShack has a 3-pair selector for <$50).

(another non-audiophile! wink.gif Are there no audiophiles on this board????)
WHA Beginner's Avatar WHA Beginner 10:09 AM 01-11-2013
ok will have a read up on that system then!!
Gramin's Avatar Gramin 10:16 AM 01-11-2013
Are there no audiophiles on this board????

Only you, Jeff.

And Jeff's suggestion for Sonos is your best solution. And if you ever want to expand, Sonos can easily handle that.
jautor's Avatar jautor 10:22 AM 01-11-2013
Originally Posted by Gramin View Post

Only you, Jeff.

I can't be an audiophile. My speaker wires are touching the ground, and cost less than the speakers themselves... wink.gif
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