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para19's Avatar para19 12:34 PM 01-14-2013
Hi. I have a friend that is rewiring his Vet Clinic and wants me to install a system with the following functionality...

1. Being able to view 4 security cameras via the internet plus have them record video
2. Intercom between Reception and his office.
3. Whole house audio in 6 zones
4. Cabinet for his internet and telephone connections.

It is not truly neccesary that everything works together

I am pretty new to this I have install pretty simple systems, I was thinking of installing a Leviton SMC (for cameras, intercom and internet/tele connects) and possibly a Nuvo Essentia System in a wall mounted rack beside it. I was wondering if anyone used Leviton's Structured media Centre's QUAD IP Module ? It cost around $1000 that seems high but I have nothing to go off of.

If anyone got suggestions for me of different equipment or more info that would be awesome I love learning.
Thanks for your guy's time.

DaveTheAVDude's Avatar DaveTheAVDude 03:05 PM 01-16-2013
1. I often use Speco DVR's for cctv. Very simple to set up for remote viewing. Has iPhone/iPad/Android apps, and a pc app for viewing/reviewing. A 4 channel DVR is pretty reasonable. The D4CS retails about $800 There are also lots of decent 600tvl, d/n cams out there for under $150 ea.

2.Legrand/OnQ makes a pretty decent basic intercom system that works over cat5, and the stations fit in standard electrical boxes. Depending on exactly how many stations you need, they have pre-built packages. They also make a variety of structured wiring enclosures and distribution modules.

3. The Nuvo Essentia is a decent economical option for 6 zones of audio. I have used Nuvo many times, easy to install/ program.
nicholsps's Avatar nicholsps 07:15 PM 01-16-2013
Is there a way to take the CCTV and control it the same way you would say the WHA or Video distribution (ie: iRule?)... Guessing this would be one of the Source inputs to a switch Matrix so you could view it on a TV to be part of the video distro?
DaveTheAVDude's Avatar DaveTheAVDude 08:25 AM 01-17-2013
The DVR video could be distributed to all tv's easily enough via matrix switcher, or simple composite video distribution amp. The DVR also comes with a remote control, so the codes could be learned into the control system. An emitter would obviously have to be placed on the DVR from the control system.
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