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Bradical's Avatar Bradical
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03-02-2013 | Posts: 47
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Installing a Epson 5020 ( just waiting on screen).

Question is what is my Best option for BEST picture quality. My install guy is telling me to run Cat6 from my Denon 2313ci. I have been reading up on HDMI with redmere chip technology.

My thoughts are that with cat6 I need to convert the signal basically twice. Once for the AVR and once for the PJ. Sticking with redmere HDMI that's not an issue. I need to run about 30-40 ft

I'm interested in BEST picture quality, price is not the concern.

Thanks!!! smile.gif
Dropkick Murphy's Avatar Dropkick Murphy
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03-02-2013 | Posts: 618
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If price is no concern then try one of these beauties
Neurorad's Avatar Neurorad
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03-02-2013 | Posts: 5,112
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Redmere will prob work better than an HDMI extender, for shorter runs.

Tell the installer to find you a Redmere cable, if it's a short run.

If a long run, go with the extender. Either way, installer is still on the hook to give you a good picture, without handshaking issues. If he installs, and there is trouble, it's his problem.

If you hand him a cable to install, it's then your problem.
Bradical's Avatar Bradical
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03-02-2013 | Posts: 47
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Good point Neurorad.

Drop kick, that cable sounds amazing. Seems like its design is more for much longer distance though. Is it going to improve my picture over 30-40 ft?
jautor's Avatar jautor
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03-02-2013 | Posts: 8,333
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Any cable that works will provide the same picture quality. Don't be fooled by snake oil salesmen telling you otherwise.

30-40' is the grey area, and I agree with Neurorad that a Redmere (electrically compensating) cable will be the best bet. Anything longer, and the best solution will be an extender using the HDBaseT technology. Longer than 300', now you're into fiber...

Bradical's Avatar Bradical
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03-04-2013 | Posts: 47
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I like neurorad's advice. I am going to suggest the redmere cables to my installer and see what he says.

After doing a little more research it sounds as if the CAT6 setup will be less susceptible to handshake issues and will last alot longer than an HDMI cable. I have 4 corners (bends) to make, apparently this also causes issues with HDMI cables.

On the other hand my set up is not going to be hard to replace a cable if it goes won't handshake, etc. The redmere 40- 50 ft cables cost 1/3 what the cat6 install is going to cost.

I know I said that price was not a concern, but that was to get the best quality picture. After some advice and reading up it sounds like the picture quality will be the same no matter which option I go with.
Neurorad's Avatar Neurorad
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03-04-2013 | Posts: 5,112
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I'd run an HDMI cable and a couple cat6 cables. Use the cheap HDMI cable now, and the category cables for a future HDMI 2.0 extender, so you don't need to replace the cable in 10 years. Category cable is cheap.
Bradical's Avatar Bradical
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03-05-2013 | Posts: 47
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I took your advice and asked my installer about using redmere. He didn't know what a redmere HDMI cable is. We are in a small town that has a couple of big box stores and him so not a lot of competition. Regardless he says he won't install any HDMI that needs more than 30 ft. As you said he will stand behind his install. To me that's worth the extra $120 right there!

Thanks all for the help!!
Joe Fernand's Avatar Joe Fernand
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03-05-2013 | Posts: 1,198
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The ‘worry’ with RedMere is your stuffed if you hit an incompatibility now or in the future – I’d definitely want a plan B sitting in the ceiling just in case.

x2 or x1 CAT6 being Plan B or for me Plan A as long as you go with an Extender which is happy to self EQ for your relatively ‘short’ cable runs if you do only have a 30’(10m) cable run.

Bradical's Avatar Bradical
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03-06-2013 | Posts: 47
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Thanks Joe. Sounds like your Plan A is the same as my guys plan. Actual cable run is going to be 36' plus any needed slack.
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