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Soupy1970's Avatar Soupy1970 01:19 AM 03-07-2013
I need help hooking up my HTPC, BenQ W710ST 720P 3D ready Projector, Vizio E420VL 1080P 120 Hz TV, and Denon 2113CI AVR with 3D pass through. At the moment I am swapping HDMI cables behind the AVR (HDMI out) when I want to switch displays. Other then those cables I just have the HTPC sending Video & Audio to the AVR using the Video Cards HDMI out. I do have the cable companies coaxial cable split to TV and HTPC Tuner card.

I want to be able to use the 3D features on the projector. I am not sure how to properly set this up since the projector & TV have different resolution. I don't really have to have sound going to TV (keep it muted most of time) but it wouldn't hurt if it is easily done. I do need need sound from TV - AVR. I do not need sound coming from the projector. It would be nice to be able to possibly bypass the Video portion of the AVR just so I can switch the AVR to FM without disrupting the video but this isn't a absolute must have. My AVR has a video chip in it but I don't know if it would really help in my situation to use it. My HTPC video should be able to handle everything.

HTPC - Radeon HD6450 3D capable with DVI-D, D-SUB, & HDMI 1.3a. Also have on board video with HDMI, DVI, & VGA. Not sure if both Video cards can be used at the same time. The sound on the computer has a optical out, sound also passes through HDMI on video.

TV -
2 x HDMI (19 pin HDMI Type A) - Rear,
2 x Component video input (RCA phono x 3) - Rear,
3 x Audio line-in (RCA phono x 2) - Rear,
1 x Composite video input (RCA phono),
1 x VGA input (15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15)) - Rear,
1 x Digital audio output (optical) (TOSLINK) - Rear,
1 x Audio line-out (RCA phono x 2) - Rear,
1 x Audio line-in (Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm) - Rear,
1 x HDMI (19 pin HDMI Type A) - Side,
1 x USB (4 pin USB Type A) - Side

Projector -
Computer in (D-sub 15pin) x1
Composite Video in (RCA) x1
S-Video in (Mini DIN 4pin) x1
Component Video in x 1 (RCA x 3)
Audio in (Mini Jack) x 1
Audio L/R in (RCA) x2
Audio out (Mini Jack) x1
Speaker 10Wx1
HDMI V1.3 x2
USB (Type Mini B) x 1 (USB Download & Page up/down)
RS232 (DB-9pin) x1

HDMI Inputs - 6 (3D/1080p/4K Ultra HD)
HDMI Outputs - 1
Audio Return Channel (ARC)
Digital Inputs: Optical 1
Digital Inputs: Coaxial 1
Analog Audio Inputs 5
Composite Video Inputs 3
Composite Video Outputs 1
Component Video Inputs 1

Any help would be most appreciated. Is it as easy as splitting the AVR's HDMI out to both displays?

Joe Fernand's Avatar Joe Fernand 03:47 AM 03-07-2013
‘Is it as easy as splitting the AVR's HDMI out to both displays?’ – sort of smile.gif

With a 3D capable 1x2 DA with EDID management on the Output side of the AVR it would simplify things if you always plan to use the AVR for audio and in terms of Video signals you will need to manually toggle the HTPC between 1080p, 720p, 2D or 3D if you want to ‘optimise’ your video image for one or other Display device.

Both Display devices accept a range of common signal formats so you can view 2D on both simultaneously – it will be your choice to toggle between one or other format if you are viewing on just one Display at any time.

You may be able to assign the various signal types to a keyboard shortcut on your HTPC!

Soupy1970's Avatar Soupy1970 01:06 PM 03-07-2013
I'm not real familiar with the video cards drivers and don't mess around much inside them. I figured the drivers would auto detect the display a set maximum setting automatically. I guess can't happen running two displays though. Not sure how I would go about setting up different profiles for each display. I have not had a chance to test 3D yet as my glasses are on order. I did run the Power DVD test and everything passed. So I still have a lot to learn about what will need to be setup to run 3D.

What about using the motherboards video for the TV. Then using the dedicated video card for the projector run through the AVR? Both video cards are Radeon and I believe use the same driver. One is a 4000 series and the other is 6000 series. I'm thinking I could send the TV's audio out to the AVR using optical and run the projector through the AVR with just HDMI. . This would allow me to listen to my receivers radio while using my computer on the TV. I'm just not sure if this possible though. I'm also thinking about upgrading video to one with duel HDMI out but I guess that would still give me the same problem with the two resolutions. Actually I don't care if the TV runs at 720P but I don't want to mess up anything that won't allow my projector to use 3D.
Soupy1970's Avatar Soupy1970 02:00 PM 03-07-2013
I messed around in my bios for a second and it seems I can not run both video options.

So let me rephrase my question... What would be the easiest way to toggle between displays? Is there some type of simple HDMI switch that can be used at the video card out that would allow the video card to detect each device separate as they were turned on.
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