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evan237's Avatar evan237 11:25 PM 05-25-2013
Recently, I gave a Yamaha RX-V457 AVR to a family member. While this AVR from 2005 lacks HDMI, it has both digital and optical audio jacks.

Right now, my family member is only using it for FM radio and has it hooked up to floor speakers. Yesterday, I was over there and attempted to hook up a DVD Player (also dating back to 2005) to this same receiver using a digital coaxial cable from the DVD player to the receiver. The idea is to use this DVD player as a CD player only and no video cable is hooked up to the AVR. Once the digital coaxial cable was hooked up from the DVD player to the AVR, I put a CD in and attempted to play it. But the problem was, I could not locate any input/output on the AVR that would enable sound from the AVR. I toggled through every input/output on the AVR and nothing would work. Any ideas on what the problem could be? Does the AVR require a video hookup from the DVD player to the AVR in order to successfully assign an output on the AVR?

Note: I did try basic RCA cables (red and white) and they work fine. However, I wanted to use the digital coaxial cable from the player to the AVR. Again, no video is currently being used (or needed).

jautor's Avatar jautor 01:29 AM 05-26-2013
Just use the RCA cables... You'll get the same results...

The AVR won't require any video signal, but the coax digital input may be assignable, and therefore need to be set up, but I doubt that's the issue. The other possibility is the DVD player needs some setting to output PCM, which would also be odd.

evan237's Avatar evan237 12:25 PM 05-26-2013
Thanks for the reply. Yes, I thought the whole thing was kind of weird. That DVD player has been hooked up to that same receiver (before) when it was used as a real dvd player with both audio/video hooked up. Now that it's just the audio (no TV around this setup), I thought it was weird that the AVR wasn't picking up on the digital coaxial cable as one of the input/outputs on the AVR.

But as you say, we could use RCA cables to get the same results. May have to buy some new RCA cables though as the old ones made a slight buzzing noise when hooked into the DVD player.
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