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chan-man's Avatar chan-man 07:26 AM 06-03-2013
I'm new at all this so can somebody post a link for cat6 cable that would be great for both LAN network and HDMI over cat6? thanks I appreciate it.

jautor's Avatar jautor 07:42 AM 06-03-2013
Any cat6 cable is fine. The only difference is if the wire is solid or stranded. Use solid wire if you're going to run wire to keystone jacks or punch down blocks. If you're just using a terminated patch cable, that will be stranded (so it's more flexible).
canuck_fr's Avatar canuck_fr 08:43 AM 06-03-2013
I have had some issues in the past when doing HDMI over Cat 6 cable because one wire is longer than the others in Cat 6 cables. I have had better luck with Cat 5 or Cat 5e.
AV_Integrated's Avatar AV_Integrated 10:32 AM 06-03-2013
It typically depends on the HDMI over Cat extenders you are using, not the cable. Cat-5 also has skew in the cables which any quality extender can deal with. But, with the current crop of HD-Base-T extenders, there is no issues with skew in the cables that I have seen and they are designed from the ground up to work with standard skewed cat cabling.

I wouldn't put any blame on the cables in use.
chan-man's Avatar chan-man 11:23 AM 06-03-2013
octava's Avatar octava 12:14 PM 06-03-2013
The specifications you should look for in a CAT 6 cable for Ethernet and also can be used for HD video distribution are:
- CAT6a- a shielded twisted pair cable.
The outer shielding provides some immunity from extraneous noise
- Look for a wire gauge that is 24AWG or better. The thicker in general will be better
- TIA-568-B. Most are B, but just double check. This spficifies the specific crossings of one of the pairs
- Also for HD video, you want to avoid running the cables thru extraneous wall plates, couplers and terminal jacks.
It is fine for 10/100mbps ethernet data but not recommended for HD video distribution.
- Also avoid running the cables in loops. Make it straight as possible.

Here is some info on CAT cable recommendations
AV_Integrated's Avatar AV_Integrated 12:34 PM 06-03-2013
I have not used those specific models, but neither of them is using HD-Base-T and my experience that I have had with Monoprice double cat-x extenders is that they are weak to terrible in terms of performance. Despite the claims, on repeated attempts with multiple adapters from them, I never was able to get 1080p to transmit to my Samsung display or my projector using several of their HDMI extenders.

Finally I put up the cash and got their HD-Base-T extender which uses a single Cat-5/6 cable, and it worked flawlessly the first time and every single time since then.

This product is certainly more expensive, but unlike the other products, this one actually works, and works really well.
chan-man's Avatar chan-man 01:53 PM 06-03-2013
Is that HD-base-t good for 2 hdmi cables since it comes with 2 or does one have to go in the media closet and one behind the tv?
ifor's Avatar ifor 05:02 PM 06-03-2013
All catX based hdmi extenders use two baluns. One at the transmitting end, and one at the receiveing end.
chan-man's Avatar chan-man 05:10 PM 06-03-2013
jautor's Avatar jautor 07:53 PM 06-03-2013
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Ok thanks do think this is the type cat6 I need to use?

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