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ADAT8's Avatar ADAT8 04:08 PM 09-19-2013
I'm not sure if my idea here is possible so I'm wondering if anyone can help. I want to place my OTA antenna on the second floor for better reception, plug it into the cable outlet in the wall on the 2nd floor, rearrange some coax in the basement, add a coupler, and feed the signal to the first floor living room cable outlet to feed my HDTV. The issue is that the living room outlet also feeds my cable modem, so if I add a Y splitter to feed both the TV and the modem, will there be an issue with the two signals coming through one wall jack? Will the OTA antenna sufficiently feed the TV without interference? I guess I'm just wondering what problems I could run into trying to use existing in-wall coax to re-route signals to a common outlet. Much Thanks.

BlacMagik's Avatar BlacMagik 08:25 PM 09-19-2013
From my understanding that plan won't work as described. You'll need to run a separate coax line from the antenna to the TV, and depending on how long the run is you may need to add an amplifier on the line somewhere.
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