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ym94116's Avatar ym94116 06:00 PM 10-09-2013

Or how to reduce the number of Additional Satellite or Cable receivers for other rooms when you have existing coaxial cables running throughout the house. 


I wanted to share the set up I just rigged up for anyone who wants to leverage the coaxial inside your home to create mirror/slaved displays to other rooms with this workaround since you can't easily go HDMI-to-Coaxial:  In order for this to work, you need a DVR or HD source that outputs Component video (Red, Green, Blue) -- although if your DVR outputs composite video (yellow), you only need Device 2 below.


I’m using these devices to go from HDDVR out to Component to Composite to Coaxial to 2nd TV using these devices:


Device 1. Component (YPbPr)  to Composite (yellow RCA)


Device 2. Composite to Coaxial


It’s not an HD picture but it is good enough for a half hour of watching in the bedroom or some secondary viewing spot.  And if you use RF remote control for your DVR, you can change channels on the box.  Downside of course is that you’re sharing the same feed with your main TV which the HDDVR is connected to.


It would be nice if a company like monoprice could just combine these two devices and create a Component to Coaxial adaptor.

Phil17108's Avatar Phil17108 09:27 AM 10-10-2013
What do you have for a satellite or cable service, I have Directv and every piece of equipment I have had up to and including the HR 44 has a composite out (yellow) along with component and HDMI. I know the reason DirecTV does that and I bet just about every services provider does the same, backward compatibility. Then to do what your idea is, it just needs the one, the composite to coax converter.
ym94116's Avatar ym94116 10:42 AM 10-10-2013

Yes, I think you can just use the Composite to Coaxial converter.


I went Component first only because my old Directv HR21 would throw up an annoying downgrade resolution to 480p message whenever I fed it to S-Video.  I had assumed that was the case when using composite but apparently not.  When I got the new HR44 Genie, that I would get the downgrade resolution message so I started with Component first.


Previously, I had one of those Directivo DVRs that had coaxial output so I had become already used to the slaved feed via coaxial.

AV_Integrated's Avatar AV_Integrated 02:45 PM 10-10-2013
As well, many of the boxes also have a modulated output on them already and in the setup menus you can specify which channel you want that modulated output to appear on.

For example, below is a Verizon FIOS DVR box. You can see it has HDMI, component, s-video, and composite video outputs... and a RF TV output to connect to any legacy TVs. if you want HD at all your other locations using that single piece of coax, then you need to get serious with a HD digital modulator from a company like Zeevee.

cshepard's Avatar cshepard 05:26 PM 10-10-2013
Your thread title is misleading--I thought you were distributing HD video.
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