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So after finishing my HT last year, I'm moving on to my backyard. This will be comprised of a screen room (16x24) and an adjoining outdoor kitchen area (with a counter for eating socializing).

I bought a Denon 4311 last year for a number of reasons. One of them was the ability to run an outside zone (thinking ahead! wink.gif )

My original idea was to just run wires to the screen room and leverage the 4311. Now I am thinking - hmmm, what about a second set of speakers in the cooking area (just outside the screen room)? And what about another pair around the corner in the hot tub area? If I have all three outside zones, I really don't need different music in different zones, but I'd want to be able to turn each on or off independently. A bonus might be independent volume control, but I don't think that's a requirement.

Initially, I was thinking about a simple switch, turning the three outside "zones" on/off.

All these zones got me thinking about other solutions, and I learned about Sonos. The beauty of the interface and streaming from my music and/or online services is attractive. (I need to get all my music on one NAS...)

I'm not sure that I can find a switch that I'll be satisfied with (I'd love it all to be "iPad controlled" - although I don't have an iPad right now, and am not committed to iTunes or any Apple products. Its really about the portable graphic interface.) I'm not sure that I understand what sound quality I'll be giving up if I move towards the Sonos solution. I'm not sure its worth it.

I'm leaning towards the DefTech AW6500's for my outdoor speakers. (Not wireless, so cabling looks to be part of the solution regardless.)

Maybe I'll just direct wire a set of AW6500's in the screen room, wired directly to the 4311 as Zone 2. I can expand/switch later, if desired.

I shoud say that I'm only worried about audio (i think i've lost the batle for an outdoor TV).

Ideas? What am I missing. Need to get this figured out in the next few weeks.

Thanks in advance
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With a potential four zones, you're in that grey area between what can be reasonably handled with a multi-zone AVR and a full WHA system. But since, as you say, you wouldn't need different sources playing, the WHA seems like overkill.

You will certainly want individual volume control, especially in the hot tub area (assuming this is a Jacuzzi-style with noisy jets and bubbles).

A single Sonos, perhaps with a larger amplifier attached (Connect vs. Connect:Amp) because of the outdoor space, coupled with a nice speaker selector like the Aton DLA4 and the RF remote kit might be a good fit. Or two Sonos Connect:Amps - one for the hot tub area the other sharing the kitchen/screened room, which has the benefit of better / simpler control all from the Sonos app. The total costs are similar for both.

Certainly nothing wrong with starting out with a single Sonos with an inexpensive speaker selector (for impedance matching) and see how well that works. The wiring is the same for all of these, so you can expand if necessary.


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