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heyfrank's Avatar heyfrank 07:53 AM 12-18-2013

Hey there,


Recently purchased a Monoprice 4x4 Matrix and noticed they do not come with ears to mount in a rack. I was curious if anyone else has encountered this and where you might buy your rack mount ears?


I'd like to purchase a handful of these because I use a system like this for each client. It would be great if there was a universal bracket/ear I did not know about.




adk highlander's Avatar adk highlander 02:23 PM 12-18-2013
In my experience there is no such thing as any kind of universal rack ears. Each piece of gear will have different construction and do not have any kind of standard mounting holes on the side. That and the physical case may not have been designed to hold the weight of itself. A product needs to be designed to be rack mountable and have the threaded holes in the case. Also many products are not a standard U height. which would make lining up the mount and the rack holes difficult.

Middle Atlantic makes custom shelves for almost any product that will give you a shelf and a custom face plate to give you a professional look. These are around $100 bucks a pop but if you are doing a big rack system it is well worth it to have the clean look.
AV_Integrated's Avatar AV_Integrated 07:17 PM 12-18-2013
I'm just going to agree with adk on this one.

While it would certainly be nice to see a bit more product from Monoprice (and some others) which is standard RU height and includes, or offers rack ears, it is typical for lower priced consumer goods to require a rack shelf.

If $100 is to much, then consider a 1RU rack shelf and put a blank plate on the front of it to hide the switch but keep a clean look. I always do this on my racks as I want a shelf for power supplies to be able to hide. But, buying custom rackshelves which match the rest of the installation is really a pristine way of doing things.
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