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09-17-2004 | Posts: 93
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I have my cable modem, router and VoIP (voice over IP) adapter in the basement. Often I need to reset all 3 by cutting off the AC power, then back on.

Is there a remote switch that is available where I can do this from another room in the house? How about remotely via Internet from another location?

Thanks for your advice.
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09-17-2004 | Posts: 275
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You could use a simple X-10 capable appliance module for each (or for the power strip where they are plugged). You could then use a simple desktop controller at a remote location to turn the "switch" on/off.

I wouldn't think you could use an internet solution if you are talking about turning off your cable'd lose contact with it...or you would not have contact with it if you needed to reset it.
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