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Hello. Please help if you can. Here is what I have and what I am trying to do:

What I have:

I have a location in my basement where all of my RG6 cable runs originate. Each run supplies one or two coax outlets to each room of my house. My living room has two such outlets. One outlet (Outlet A) feeds my DirecTv signal (via my DSS receiver) to my Tivo and the other outlet is unused (Outlet B). What I have done is feed my Tivo’s RF output INTO Outlet B so that it now is a SOURCE input at the basement panel I described above.

What I am trying to do:

I want to distribute the Tivo signal from the Outlet B source to three other televisions in my house. The aggregate cable run will be approx 150-200 feet. I don’t care about IR because I have three Powermid IR extenders already (which I am not currently using but work well). I don’t care about stereo because the TV’s I will be feeding are for my office and children’s rooms respectively and the equipment in those rooms do not warrant high quality audio. All I want is good picture quality.

What I have tried and learned:

From the basement location I have connected the Tivo source coax directly to one of the bedroom TV’s and, using the Powermid, this setup works fine. The problem came when I tried to distribute/amplify the signal to the other rooms. I bought a cheap Radio Shack “High Gain 4 Way Distributor Amplifier" (15-1168) and the result was atrocious. Because of this forum I then researched Channel Plus products and thought I found what I needed with their 3025/3026 line. I also thought it would be neat to feed my antenna signal along with the Tivo through this product. However, after downloading the instructions it appears that the source signal (i.e., Tivo in my case) must come through RCA cables – not coax. As explained above, my source must be coax since it is being feed through Tivo’s RF output into Outlet B. Am I correct about the Channel Plus? Is there a similar (quality) product which will accept a coax input from my Tivo and distribute it as described while maintaining acceptable picture quality? It needs to be simple to install (for me) and relatively inexpensive (since buying another Tivo would alleviate most of this problem – the cost should be well below the cost of a new Tivo).

Just, FYI, I have previously tried the Terk Leapfrog phone line product and the Wavecom 2.4 Ghz product and both, for various reasons, won’t work in my house (the Terk because my computers are networked via phone lines and the Wavecom because I have a Siemens 2.4 Ghz telephone system).

Thanks for your help.
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You ought to be able to connect your TiVO's coax out to the ChannelPlus' (or Sony MRD-D1) coax IN. This will put TiVO on channel 3/4, all other channels should be snow. You won't be able to combine a cable feed with that signal (that's where using the coax IN and the RCA video INs come in).

Having said this, I don't see what this would buy you. I doubt the quality would be any better than a high-quality coax splitter/amplifier, since that's all it really is. Any quality improvement would come from using the RCA inputs. My suggestions would be to first try a high-quality cable splitter/amplifier. If that doesn't work, get a ChannelPlus (or Sony) and figure out a way to run the RCA cables to your basement. You could also try a 900Mhz video transmitter. I used to use one from Recoton and actually preferred it to the 2.4Ghz models (while the 2.4Ghz seemed to have a slightly higher-resolution, cleaner picture, it choked when using a microwave and I noticed ghosting and other intermittent problems which, for me, outweighed the positives).


Scott R
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