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12-23-2000 | Posts: 1
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My thanks to:
bb80301,Dan Henderson,Paul Bern, for their replys to my original post. I followed your ideas, links and searched. I was totally wowed by Creston but.....would never be able to D.I.Y.
Design Goal: 1 DSS unit, 2 ReplayTv units, 1 Webtv unit, distributed to 5 locations.
AV Cast say they can send ir as well as 2 way RF thru the same pipe. This has got me by the fuzzies. Anyone care to give this AV Cast link a look. http://www.broadbandhome.com/webtv/welcome.html
Sounds so simple to me, but I'm not exactly the fastest reader in the slow reader group.

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12-23-2000 | Posts: 2,591
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I have no experience with Avcast, but I did think it was very intriguing when I first saw it a year ago. I did talk to my local HT retailer, who's opinion I respect, and they said it was of generally poor quality.

What you're really looking for is channel modulation plus IR distribution. There's no doubt that Avcast does it simply and cheaply, but I'm not sure how good the results would be. I use a Channel Plus (model 5435) modulator and Xantech IR distribution products to distribute three sources to 4 TV's and it works very well.

Remember, most of the modulators including Avcast only distribute a mono signal, so if stereo is important to you, you'd have to go with stereo modulators, which are more expensive.

Hope this helps.


Trying to figure it ALL out (and hope I never do!!)
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12-23-2000 | Posts: 1
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Thanks for the reply Steve.
I didn't know the avcast had been out a year already. I was glad you addressed the quality issue. I looked and didn't find any info on their website as to output db or any other useful tidbit as far as their modulators were concerned. If nothing more, it might be useful with the webtv since we don't use the audio anyway. I'd hate to buy the system just for webtv... only to find out that it mucks up the rest of the distribution system.

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12-23-2000 | Posts: 508
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Originally posted by alien8:
...2 way RF thru the same pipe.

I checked out the web site -- thanks for bringing this to our attention.

The feature that I found most intriguing was the 2-way link, which lets you put your components in any room, rather than at the hub. This would be a key advantage vs. typical modulated systems. Also, the price for the kits & components is very attractive.

I'd be interested in hearing any comments from anyone who has actually seen this system in action. I'll also look for this product at CES.

Thanks and regards

alien8's Avatar alien8
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12-24-2000 | Posts: 1
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Thanks for the replys. I'll be watching this thread to see what BB80301 uncovers at the CES. This AVcast just may be a near turn key solution for many .
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12-24-2000 | Posts: 4
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Hey All. I just installed the Avcast system from Peracom a couple weeks ago,and have been totally pleased. I have it broadcasting a DCT-100, DirectTivo, and the rooftop antenna to 3 Tvs and 2 computer systems. It works flawlessly. Like Steve13 mentioned it's not stereo audio but, since
I only do serious listing in the home theater it's no big deal. After months of frustration with wireless I decided to give Avcast a try and have not been disapointed. It's on the exspensive side but, worth it.

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12-25-2000 | Posts: 1
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Thanks for the reply Fazone, Got a question for you.
Did they include any info on the output of the modulators ? Any tidbit
sent my way would be appreciated. E-mail me / post, if or when you find some time .
Thanks again Fazone
Found the info I was looking for at the very bottom of the support
page. Sorry, I didn't look deep enough.

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