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GregH's Avatar GregH 02:05 PM 12-26-2000
I'm doing something like this right now. Get a mono mini plug and run the red to hot and the white to ground.
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Steve13's Avatar Steve13 04:24 PM 12-26-2000
Just checked my Xantech block, which is pretty much all mini-plugs. The plug from the I/R receiver uses a stero plug. Power, ground and signal. The emitters use mono plugs (no signal I presume).


Trying to figure it ALL out (and hope I never do!!)

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Brent McCall's Avatar Brent McCall 06:35 PM 12-26-2000
Chances are you bought a xantech block, if this is the case, Yes you use a stereo mini plug. If you will call me at work tomorrow I will get the pin code for you. I see that peeps suggested balanced cable, we (Metra Electronics/Tsunami HT) have run some tests on this and have found that Cat 5 does go further with less false reading than shielded or balanced wire.(those computer guys got this data transfer thing down).
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Video's Avatar Video 10:48 PM 12-26-2000
I bought an IR distribution block that only accepts mini-plug input by accident. My hard wires from each room are actually cat-5 so I need to combine bare wire into a mini plug. There are three leads on each IR receiver in my individual rooms. Can I buy a mini plug from radio shack and splice the cat-5 wires so they will work with my connecting block? Do I need a stereo mini plug or a mono mini plug? Which lead connects to which wire on the mini plug and what do I do if the mini plug only has two leads with no place for the ground?? How do I ground?

Video's Avatar Video 04:54 PM 12-27-2000
I am only using 3 wires out of the possible 8. Figured that Cat-5 was so cheap and it allows for expansion in the future. Also, the twisted pair make it very resistant to outside noise. Have not heard back how to wire the stereo mini plug so I will experiment tomorrow and post later. If anyone can give me suggestions, please let me know.

Three wires on the stero mini plug match up to +v, sig and grd. Starting at the tip of the mini plug, which corresponds to which?

Brent McCall's Avatar Brent McCall 08:21 PM 12-29-2000
Did you get my E-Mail on pin codes.
Video's Avatar Video 09:13 PM 12-29-2000

Thanks, I did!

In fact, I bought a stereo mini plug from Radio Shack and attached the wires as you described in your email. Works great.

Teran's Avatar Teran 01:57 PM 01-01-2001
Could you please post your pin-outs and any instructions to the forum?

IR is next on my list and the info will be handy.


Video's Avatar Video 11:21 AM 01-02-2001
I cut off a stereo mini plug that I bought at radio shack. Then I attached the wires as described.

Red wire - +V
Black Wire - Ground
silver bare wire - Signal

Seems to work fine.
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