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QQQ's Avatar QQQ 11:56 AM 05-19-2006
AMX and Control4 Fanboy...oops....sorry I mean Brent :),

I work with both products (AMX & Crestron) and they are both excellent so no need on my part to throw stones. I don't know what Crestron is or isn't doing in regards to the lawsuit that is NOT against them and neither do you. Control4 was seriously delayed, so was Adagio. Par for the course. Both are shipping now and available to consumers. I'm shedding a few tears for you now that Adagio is shipping ;). I can smell the sadness on your part :D.

AI Limited's Avatar AI Limited 02:28 PM 05-19-2006
Originally Posted by premierht
What testing? Didn't you hear that Crestron finally admitted that Adagio is a direct response to Control4 so to emulate the competition Crestron has pushed the shipping dates back again until after Cedia '06. Still, thats even shorter to market than it took C4 to ship its first product after the splashy introduction.
AI Limited's Avatar AI Limited 02:31 PM 05-19-2006
So if it's been shipping for a few weeks, have there been any issues? Has anyone installed one? Many dealers were saying how they had 4-5 jobs waiting for Adagio so I'm assuming there are some customers out there that have been using them?

Or has interest just tailored off because Crestron lagged and got sued?
QQQ's Avatar QQQ 03:29 PM 05-19-2006
Originally Posted by AI Limited
Or has interest just tailored off because Crestron lagged and got sued?
So how big was your smile when you wrote that?! You can't push my buttons that easily :D!
AI Limited's Avatar AI Limited 09:53 PM 05-19-2006
egcarter's Avatar egcarter 12:30 PM 05-21-2006
Originally Posted by tjk
Can an AMX dealer put together a system, consisting of AMX control products and third-party audio distribution products, that will give the consumer what Adagio (and Control4) offer right now, for a comparable price? Unless I'm mistaken, I think the answer is no, so they don't (yet) have an "answer" to Adagio as they are not (yet) playing in the same market segment. I'm sure they make awesome systems, they're just not for the under $50K segment at this point (again, my assumption, which I fully admit may be ignorant, but I just haven't seen a comparable AMX solution at this point).
AMX wants to be up-market, not down-market.

They don't want to own the world...just control it.

emillika's Avatar emillika 11:37 AM 05-23-2006
Any real world info that can be shared here regarding Adaigo?
sCiEnt's Avatar sCiEnt 10:42 AM 09-17-2006
Its been a while since anyone posted to this thread. I've been reading it of late and it contains a lot of useful information. So whats the lastest update after CDEIA 06?

audiblesolutions mentioned Adagio 3 and 4 were shown in CEDIA 06. I wonder what products Control4 had out.
Kenrosencpa's Avatar Kenrosencpa 12:06 AM 09-24-2006
I attended C4's 3 hour demo at Cedia. I also spent a little time looking at Adagio. Both systems looked good but I was very impressed with C4 and their price points are much better. Here is what I ordered

Media Controller
16 Channel digital amp
4 relay/contact boxes
AM/FM/XM tuner
40 odd dimmers and switches
Sony DVD changer
2 wireless touch sceens + on 10.5 screen
I already have an HAI alarm controll and C4 intergrates with it.

I think my order pretty much covers their product line.

This whole job is going to be a retrofit, should be fun.
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