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dleasman's Avatar dleasman 08:13 AM 12-01-2009
Originally Posted by dleasman View Post

I am another one of thos "lucky" people who bought a Russound SMS3 (from an authorized dealer), and now have a failing HD. Russound will not help me, and I was not aware of the procedure to replace my drive until AFTER the failure, else I would have ghosted it.

I am unable to repair my drive, and am desperate to find someone who has an ghost image I can use to get my SMS3 back up and running.

Is there anyone out there who would be willing to help me? I am looking for anyone with an image I can use.

Please email me directly: dl (at)


Been some time now, but I still have not gotten my SMS3 back up and running. My problem is the HD, not the MB. I have a new 250GB ready to go. A couple of you had contacted me, but due to a mail server crash, I do not have the emails. If anyone contacted me previously to assist, can you please re-send your emails?

I don't think my repair is going to be all that serious, as my old drive is still readable, and I really just have a couple corrupt files. Still, I want to replace the HD with a larger 250GB (instead of the failing 160GB).

dl (at)

Earcandy's Avatar Earcandy 10:18 PM 01-01-2011

I'm also looking for a drive image from a working SMS3. I would truly appreciate anyone's help on this.
Beebl's Avatar Beebl 07:14 AM 04-13-2011
While attempting to power up my SMS3 last night I found what appears to be a hard drive failure. The drive now clicks during bios post and I'm getting an error with Seetools. I know this is an older thread but does anyone have a drive image of an SMS3 available, any help would be appreciated.

valy's Avatar valy 02:49 PM 09-25-2013



I know this is a very old thread but I'm also looking for a drive image for SMS3 and I was wondering if anybody could help me with.





mcu's Avatar mcu 07:42 AM 12-20-2013
My SMS3 died all of a sudden also. Similar issues to a few others in this thread where you get no post, no messages, and CD will not open. HD sounds like it spins and when I remove the memory stick it beeps. Sounds like a dead MB, but not sure since it beeps without the ram. Anyone had any luck with a swap board??
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