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01-12-2007 | Posts: 2
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I need some help in figuring out how to resolve a picture issue. I am using a dish network 522 receiver (dual tuner with tv1 and tv2 outputs). Signal enters home from dish and goes into a 44switch in the basement. leaves the switch and goes to input on 522. signal from tv1 output goes to tv at that location. signal 2 and power inserter are sent back down the incoming signal line with diplexers to the basement where the tv2 signal is split. Initially it was split 2 ways (with both tv's of course displaying the same signal.)

I ran a new run of RG6 (quad shield) and then attempted to hook it up so this same signal using a 3 way split. This run is powering a 15" lcd tv and the picture quality is less than good. It is noticibly poor. I bought a decent splitter that shows 120 shielding and 5.7db loss per port and it really made all but the LCD look great. I have tried inserting in-line signal amplifiers but none seem to make the LCD picture any better. I am at the point where I am wondering what to do. The two weak spots as I see it are my connectors (I used twist on, I know, probably a no-no) and signal loss from using diplexers.

I am trying to decide what to do next, either buy a compression f-connector setup and re-do all of my connectors, or run a 2nd line from the receiver back to the basement for a cleaner/stronger signal before splitting. What I am failing to understand at this point is why my signals on all but the lcd look great. Could it be the quality of the display on the lcd that makes the poor picture quality more evident. Help is much appreciated!!!

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What happens if you disco one of the TV's and use a 2 way splitter to the LCD? The other problem could be the quality of your LCD. It may not have a good tuning section built into it.
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01-14-2007 | Posts: 2
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Thanks so much for the reply!!!

I should have mentioned that I have tried just about every option. Initially Dish had just one tv set linked to the tv2 out using the diplexers to obtain the signal 2 in the basement. I took that signal and connected it to a 2 way splitter initially. When I got the LCD, I swapped the 2 way for a 3 way. I have taken the LCD and connected it as the only tv on the tv2 signal and it is still a compromised picture (though better than when split 3 ways). I have also taken the LCD and connected using a short cable to the tv2 output right at the receiver, thus eliminating the diplexer setup. When done this way the picture is great, leading me to believe my picture issues are due to signal loss both from the diplexer setup and also from then splitting that weakened signal another 3 ways.

So question at this point is would my signal loss be due more to poor connections, or rather through signal loss from the diplexer and split setup?

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