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jackox's Avatar jackox 03:26 AM 01-07-2010
I agree !
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locutus2k's Avatar locutus2k 02:42 AM 01-18-2010
Originally Posted by Armand07 View Post

Myself I have an Oppo HD-SDI and Crystalio II 3800 model. With the latest firmware you only get a nice picture out of the HD-SDI with 480i/576i. You need to go back to the last official firmware if you want to have HD-SDI for full HD. Or use HDMI for Blu-Ray until Oppo comes with a new fix in beta firmware.

Any news on the Oppo HD-SDI output compatibility issue?
Armand07's Avatar Armand07 08:21 AM 01-18-2010
Originally Posted by locutus2k View Post

Any news on the Oppo HD-SDI output compatibility issue?

HavenĀ“t heard anything yet.
fastl's Avatar fastl 06:35 PM 01-19-2010
I noticed in the Oppo thread you quoted on the previous page, where you mentioned that you only get 1080i out on HD-SDI. Why no 1080p24?

Another question. Several months back, Widescreen Review did an article on this player and the reviewer claimed you couldn't output 480i thru HDMI. Doesn't seem to jive with what others have claimed.
locutus2k's Avatar locutus2k 01:30 AM 01-20-2010
Oppo can aoutput 480i and 108024p on both HDMI and HD-SDI
The faact is that the hd-sdi mods is not stable at all and depending on the fimrware version you can have issues.
fastl's Avatar fastl 06:09 PM 01-21-2010
thanks. Is the HD-SDI instability problem indigenous to this particular model or to all of the BD player mods?
locutus2k's Avatar locutus2k 01:21 AM 01-22-2010
Sorry, i don't know. So far the Oppo is the only HD-SDI modded player i've seen/tried.
jackox's Avatar jackox 01:43 AM 01-22-2010
My BD50 worked fine !
It needed to be connected to a HDMI device at the same time.
1080i and 1080p24 out no problemo, for SD material native format it is necessary to get back on the menu so I also used a 981 SDI for DVD.
GetGray's Avatar GetGray 11:13 AM 01-25-2010
Don't hold back Gary. tell us what you know or what you think will/won't work from your perspective...
Gary Murrell's Avatar Gary Murrell 08:11 PM 01-26-2010
forget it, I see my posts were deleted, LOL

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