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keywhiz's Avatar keywhiz 08:11 AM 12-15-2011
New to this forum and to HDTV in general. I hope this question hasn't already been asked and answered a thousand times here, so I'll try to keep it simple and brief. Here's my system:

Toshiba 40FT2U LCD 1080p/60 HZ monitor
Yamaha RX-V471 receiver
Sony BDP-S580 Blu-Ray/DVD player
Magnavox DVR from cable provider (Charter)

Everything is connected via HDMI cables.

Certainly not a high-end system, but I'm very pleased with the picture quality of the DVD and HiDef TV stations. The problem is I live in a semi-rural area and the cable provider only provides a small number of HD channels. The SD channels don't really look even as good as they did on my old CRT television.

Will the Dvdo Edge improve the video quality of these signals substantially with the equipment I have? Does it actually bring them close to the HD/1080p quality I'm getting now?

Is there other equipment that would do the same thing better/cheaper? I've heard of receivers that have built-in upscaling. Might I do better to return the receiver I have and put the money I'd spend on an upscaler towards one of those?

Thanks in advance for any and all responses!

jackox's Avatar jackox 08:16 AM 12-15-2011
The EDGE might help bu won't do any miracles.
Also its noise reduction filter is not very effecient.

You should get better results using an Algolith Flea or Mosquito (beware, these come either YUV either HDMI).
You might have kuck looking on Ebay.
DonoMan's Avatar DonoMan 02:58 PM 12-15-2011
Yeah, I was going to recommend those Algolith units as well. Also, HQV and VXP both have better noise reduction than ABT (when it's implemented - don't buy a receiver with Reon and expect it to do a good job with this - not sure about the newer receivers with Vida). ABT stuff only does deringing ("mosquito noise reduction") which is better than nothing but unacceptable in the higher priced products. I don't blame them for it in the Edge due to the low price, but it's unacceptable in the iScan Duo, for example.
keywhiz's Avatar keywhiz 03:19 PM 12-15-2011
what sort of results can I expect with one of these units?
jackox's Avatar jackox 03:47 PM 12-15-2011
Awesome results with a Flea HDMI.

I reviewed one years ago and I was blown away !
I had a VPS3800 at that time and if I was not running SDI I would have had the Flea in my setup.
So sad Algolith is no longer ...
joerod's Avatar joerod 06:00 AM 12-17-2011
Is the flea still available?
Anthony A.'s Avatar Anthony A. 10:04 AM 12-17-2011
Originally Posted by joerod View Post

Is the flea still available?

Only used. They are out of business for a few years.
joerod's Avatar joerod 11:05 AM 12-17-2011
Originally Posted by Anthony A. View Post

Only used. They are out of business for a few years.

Figures. I would love to try one. Thanks.
joerod's Avatar joerod 12:37 PM 12-18-2011
I will check ebay from time to time.
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