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01-16-2012 | Posts: 1
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We've had Verizon FIOS cable for the last year with a free DVR. The problem is, they raised our fees and I'm hooked on the DVR. I love having an electronic TV-guide and easily being able to record fave shows with one click -- and I love being able to pause live TV when my kids interrupt at the worst moments of a football game or the best moments of a good movie.

But.. I'm watching too much TV (esp HGTV!) plus money is tight, so we're cancelling cable. We get great reception via our roof antenna, and I'm looking for a DVR to replace the one Verizon will be taking away. I'm having a hard time finding such a product without a monthly fee.

Best option -- a DVR in the $200-$300 range that works without a monthly fee, the ability to record via electronic guide / easily, and has a dual tuner to record 2 shows at once or can record one show while I watch something else.

If I *have* to pay a fee, would I be better off going with hulu+ and a Roku box? I guess then I have to give up my live TV pause button, plus now I have a monthly fee, right?

I suppose there's also a way to do it via my desktop computer (which is in the next room, but I suppose I could run a wire) -- but would I then not have a remote control? How would that even work?

FYI -- I watch sports live, but the rest I don't mind if they're recorded on a hard drive, or if I access them via Roku or something like that. If I look at what I'm recording these days, it's mostly network shows (except Mantracker) and toddler shows (Little Einsteins, Umizoomi, etc.)

What do you guys think? Help!
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Post in the HDTV Recorders section.
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07-15-2012 | Posts: 1
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your question reads word for word what we have been thinking and wondering about. have you got a response yet. we get free basic cable where we live. It's an apt complex that provides it, but we now have extended cable which provides a dvr. well we do not have a hd tv and we hardly ever watch the hd channels so it stands to reason that cutting cable will improve our finances, except we love dvr. so we were looking into buying a dvr, but if we have to pay a monthly fee, then we are back in the same boat. frustrating. the few dvr's out there to buy that dont have a monthly fee, (at least that i can find), i dont understand some of the tech jargon about what might be negative about them.

hoping for some feed back on this also.
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07-15-2012 | Posts: 933
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TiVo HD w/ lifetime service (new or eBay, Craigslist, ect); it has a second coax input on the back for OTA HD reception via ANT.
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I just setup a MythTV box with a SiliconDust HD Dual Tuner for OTA recording. If I want to I can add additional SiliconDust tuners to the system for future expansion.

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