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Chuck Miller's Avatar Chuck Miller 08:39 PM 04-30-2012
I'm designing my new HT system and have a question on video processing for satellite TV. Do those of you with experience with the low-cost vp's on the market have opinions on which to choose strictly for this application? My system will include a projector (probably Epson 6010) and a 133" diag. HD screen. I will also have an OPPO 93 or 95 for playing BluRays and upconverting standard def DVDs. The OPPOs have a very good vp in them, but I don't see where I can input a signal from my DTV tuner for upconversion by the OPPO. So, do I need vp for the DTV signal? If so, DVDO Edge, for example? Or perhaps I should just be content with 1080i resolution from the DTV tuner.

I appreciate your advice.


DonoMan's Avatar DonoMan 08:26 AM 05-02-2012
I think you'd be better off with something that has decent noise reduction for cable/satellite/FIOS use. But the Edge should work pretty well with a 1080i signal otherwise. I have an Edge and it's pretty decent, though I wouldn't mind better, either.
uderman's Avatar uderman 12:09 PM 05-02-2012
I have fios and my yamaha rx-a3000 receiver with its hqv vida does a very good job deinterlacing 1080i. It also have mosquito,block,temporal noise reduction. Most mid to high end receivers have this chip. If you are going to build audio system,this might be the best option.
If you watch sd programs then this is not a good option since it lacks aspect ratio management. 480i deinterlacing is good at best.
Dvdo edge has excellent deinterlacing for sd and hd. It has excelent aspect ratio management but Im not sure if it has noise reduction.
I used to use a dvdo vp30 with abt 102 deinterlacing mod for sd programs then have my yamaha receiver apply noise reduction.
Now I bought a crystalio 2 vps 3300 which has excellent deinterlacing for sd and hd. Very good noise reduction. I totaly justify this $4500 video processor with 1 pal,1 ntsc laserdisc player,d-vhs sd/hd tapes,fios sd/hd cable,iptv streaming world tv programing.
You only need scaling for directv. Your oppo doesnt need anything
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