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07-01-2012 | Posts: 193
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Does anyone know if there are any AV receivers which have a full fledged CMS built-in?
AV Science Sales 4's Avatar AV Science Sales 4
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07-01-2012 | Posts: 1,440
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None to my knowledge.
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07-02-2012 | Posts: 149
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None with any significant CMS features (that I am aware of)... I have a (now ancient) Anthem D2 in my system to which I recently added a Lumagen XS and am very pleased with the results... was able to acheive a very accurate (well, at least according to my meters) calibration (greyscale, color and gamma) far better than what I was able to accomplish with the D2 VP and Projector (JVC RS-20). Never seen my picture look better.

But I would like someone to take the Lumagen XS (or something equivalent) implementation and place it in their projector or, better yet, an AVP/AVR...
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