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barcoed's Avatar barcoed 07:49 AM 04-15-2013
Out of ignorance I must ask this question (I’m thrashing myself for not being able to work out the answer!).

I have a 4X3 projector being fed from the VP50Pro. Various sources are in front of the VP50Pro (all HDMI).
I have a lot of 4x3 material (50hz pal) and all works fine for that.

When viewing HD material, I have set a 16x9 screen on the VP50 and squished the image on the projector (Sony G70 CRT) and shifted it up to the top of the tubes. I then roll-up the electric screen to frame the 16x9 image. All good so far.

When watching films (typically 2.35:1) 24hz upped to 48hz by the VP50, I have black bars top and bottom, where I’m just wasting video bandwidth. (I can live with that) .I can't squish or move the image any more to properly frame the image as I'm out of adjustment on the projector.
What I would like to do is move the active image on this 2.35:1 (or 2.4:1) stuff to the top of the 16x9 output (leaving a single black bar below (the sum of the top and bottom bars detailed above)) so I can roll-up the electric screen to properly frame the image again

I can’t work out how to do this with the VP50 - what screen to set, what aspect etc..?

barcoed's Avatar barcoed 02:16 AM 04-29-2013
... any ideas?
Fudoh's Avatar Fudoh 06:33 AM 04-30-2013
VP50 or 50Pro ? I can look into this tonight or tomorrow.
barcoed's Avatar barcoed 06:38 AM 05-07-2013
Thanks. It's the VP50Pro (Latest f/w).
barcoed's Avatar barcoed 05:10 AM 05-15-2013
Any luck, Fudoh?
Fudoh's Avatar Fudoh 06:50 AM 05-15-2013
I tried shortly, but it was too complicated to wrap my head around it - especially since you squeeze the image vertically on the projector, but I don't. Vertical picture shift only gets enabled in one of the lens modes or when the picture AR is under 1.33. I'll try again.
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