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Im Lon 2's Avatar Im Lon 2 08:24 AM 06-05-2013
For a few years I have had 3 TV's in my basement a 19" (25’ HDMI Cable), 32" (25’ HDMI Cable), and a 1080 Projector (3’ HDMI Cable), all connected with a 1x4 HDMI splitter (3’ HDMI Cable) that was connected to my HDMI/DVR cable box (Charter). Never had an issue.

In January of this year I decided to replace the projector with a 60” Vizio 1080 (New 25’ HDMI Cable). At the same time I updated all my cable boxes in the house to the new HDMI/DVR boxes offered by Charter. At first I had issues with the TV’s getting an HDMI signal, and I would have to unplug the HDMI cable from the back of the cable box, and hook up one of the TV’s and it would start working again. I had not noticed the rest button on the HDMI splitter. After I realized the rest button, all I would have to do is hit the rest button, and everything would work fine.

Last week I went to turn the TV’s on and could not get any of the TV’s to grab the HDMI signal. I hit the reset button, tried each TV one at a time connected directly to the cable box. I then took the cable box to one of the TV’s I had hooked up upstairs to a different HDMI box, and the only way I could get the box to work is using the components.. I then called Charter, because I assumed the box is what was giving me so much trouble, and it just finally went out. Well for a week after replacing the box, everything seemed to be work correctly….. Till last night, I started getting the same issue, I can only get the box to work connect via components. I did notice when I hit the reset button on my splitter while everything is hooked up the cable box, it does recognized I’m hitting the button, and for a split second the Cable box says dui across the front display, then it goes back to displaying the time. My two HDMI boxes up stairs when turning the TV on display “Conn”.

I do have a new 25’ HDMI cable I’m going to run to the new TV, and I was going to replace the Splitting before I hook it back up to the new cable box I’m getting tonight.

So where do I start looking for the issue?
Could it be the splitter going bad or maybe its just out of date. Its at least 2.5-3 years old?
Do all the TV’s have to match? I think one of the TV’s is a 720 VS the other two being 1080.
When I called Charter, they seamed to think it could be a setting on the Cable box.

Sorry to ramble on so much, I just want to give as much info as possible.


Mr.G's Avatar Mr.G 08:33 AM 06-05-2013
Try posting this in the HDMI - The One Connector World Forum for a better response.

Im Lon 2's Avatar Im Lon 2 08:41 AM 06-05-2013
I have reposted this in that area. Sorry about that.

Thank you for your help.
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