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bpape's Avatar bpape 05:38 PM 09-23-2002
Man I love this forum. Where else could you go and have input to a new design by a quality company like Key down to the finish on the faceplate. Can't wait to hear the reports from Cedia assuming all goes well.

Don't know how much longer I can keep my wallet from jumping out of my pocket!

gsr's Avatar gsr 07:26 PM 09-23-2002
For those of us who still use VCR's on occasion, will the HD Leeza have some sort of time base correction built in like the Faroudja NRS does, or will an external device be needed?
michaellucky's Avatar michaellucky 06:23 AM 09-25-2002
Dear Members

Here is what the back panel looks like:

Please note: If you email me or Mike T, we are out at Cedia until October 1st.
Thank you
David F's Avatar David F 06:37 AM 09-25-2002
Looks great. Thank God you went with the BNC outputs instead of VGA....
dschamis's Avatar dschamis 06:39 AM 09-25-2002
Yeah - I noticed that changed (I'm glad to see I'm not going crazy), and I just got through rewiring my system to allow for a VGA output.

oferlaor's Avatar oferlaor 06:52 AM 09-25-2002

I asked Mike T about it - and he said that they will have TBC in HD-LEEZA.

Since I have a non-prosumer VCR, this is one important feature for me...
schlitzie's Avatar schlitzie 07:09 AM 09-25-2002
I'm pretty fired about this piece, and plan on running the necessary cables for it soon -- One question, though -- Is the DVI output a DVI-I, DVI-D, or DVI-A?

Dean Roddey's Avatar Dean Roddey 11:18 AM 09-26-2002
I looked on the KD site last night, and the HD Leeza is there and shows 'in stock'. Did I miss something? Has the trade in program already begun?
oferlaor's Avatar oferlaor 10:19 PM 09-26-2002

It's a mistake on their website, we've already noted it, but they haven't fixed it as yet.
Dean Roddey's Avatar Dean Roddey 12:52 PM 09-27-2002
I fiddered it must be something like that, but I'd not been keeping up too closely and didn't want to get left behind.
longshot's Avatar longshot 10:47 AM 09-29-2002

Excuse my ignorance. I have the Sharp 9000 DLP. Would the Leeza HD be of any benefit to me or would I need to upgrade to a HD2 DLP with DVI?
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