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andyg's Avatar andyg 04:43 PM 08-14-2000
Has anyone had problems using the CI v5.2 on a ECP-4100. I have noticed a bending on the image on the raster. Its most pronounced on non-anamorphic 1.85 images.(I assume because in 2.35 mode the bending is in the black bars and not in the image.) I have tried several resolution on the CI and they produce the same effect. I also have a DVDO that I have used though the same cable, but that does not produce these problems.
I am using the component output of a Sony 7700 in the CI. I also tried the S-Video, but the same results. I have tried putting a macrobuster on the green side of the component output, but same problem. Here are a few pictures I took of the inside of the blue lens as well as a screen shot of how it affects the picture. I am only testing the CI thanks to Hi-Rez, but if I cannot resolve the problem, the increase in picture clarity and controls do not outway the use of the DVDO that works well....

---Andy Garabedian

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Andrew Low's Avatar Andrew Low 08:13 PM 08-14-2000
I noticed that using my ECP 4101 and Quadscan at very high refresh rates (DILA 1365x1280?) I got a "bend" in the image near the bottom.

My suspicion was that I was over-driving the projector and it was having some trouble with the signal.

Does it happen with all refresh rates? Or just the higher ones? Try 800x600, that should work and provide a very stable image. 720p should be ok too.

andyg's Avatar andyg 09:13 PM 08-14-2000
I am currently using 800x600. I have tried 1024x768 with the same results. I have not tried 720, but will do some testing tonight.

andyg's Avatar andyg 04:23 PM 08-15-2000
Did more testing and found a few interesting things.

1) A computer at 800x600 or 1024x768 at 60Hz to the projector produces a normal image.(Signal passes through the same cable I have connected to the CI)

2) If I swap the cable to the second input on my ECP (I have a dual BNC card), 98% of the distortion is gone. There is just a small edge on the right hand side, but it does not seem to be enough to notice it on the screen.

After speaking with Joel at Hi-Rez he wants me to try a pass through card(a 2 BNC card, but one is an input the other is a passthrough which will be terminated). According to him many of the dual card had problems with some doublers/scalers. I should have the card in a few days and will test it with the CI. From what I have found there definatly some compatibility problem with the CI and ECP. Hopefully I can find the right combination to fix the problem since the CI does produce a much better picture than my DVDO....


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Andrew Low's Avatar Andrew Low 10:28 PM 08-15-2000
Any chance you can plug a computer into your ECP? Do this to verify that the signal bend is due to the CI unit and not your projector. Maybe one of the tech's can explain what this bend is caused by..

I've used my laptop to drive my ECP 4101 with no problems at 800x600 and 1024x768.

KBK's Avatar KBK 06:54 AM 08-19-2000
I have 4 different input cars to try... So if joel is (hopefully) saying that it is the input card to the projector, then maybe i can get rid this problem, minor as it may be in my case. It only appears on the higher pixel rates, like 1600x900. At 60 or 72 hz The ECP don't like that too much...

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andyg's Avatar andyg 09:53 PM 08-23-2000
I made progress on getting rid of the problem. I am using a terminated input card at 1024x768. Most of the problem was gone, but there was a slight triangle section near the top of the raster image. After changing the setup of Frame Sync from ON to OFF the picture straightened out. Not sure what I did, but I will speak with Joel on this issue in the morning. From looking into the CRT so much I think I have a permanent image of Stuart Little on my cornea. (The 1.85 images were the ones giving me the problems. His disk was just convenient. Go figure...)

---Andy Garabedian
johng's Avatar johng 07:49 AM 08-25-2000
On my own C.I. with 5.2 software, the Frame Sync must be in the "ON" mode. Also, you might consider trying to 're-set' the C.I. before proceeding. You should have received a single page with the C.I. which explains how to use the arrow controls on the front panel to re-set the C.I. to the native resolution of your projector. Note: if you do this, write down any memorized settings. It's likely that re-setting will wipe the memory.
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