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Adam Turnage's Avatar Adam Turnage 05:02 AM 04-01-2001
I read a review on AudioReview.com about a gentleman having noise lines in his picture using the component output on his Pioneer DV-F727 changer outputting to a Quadscan. He also stated going back to his old player made the problem go away. I really would like to get one of these changers. Does anyone here use a DV-F727 component output to a Quadscan? Happy with the results? I currently use an old DV-414 and have no problems what so ever.


DaveN's Avatar DaveN 08:01 AM 04-01-2001
The Quadscan works just fine with my Pioneer DV-F07 DVD player. There was an incompatibility issue several versions of the Quadscan ago. Since these two players are based on the same unit you should have no problem.


Rickd's Avatar Rickd 03:45 PM 04-01-2001
I have both units and can say there is an issue with the DVF737 changer and any Quadscan earlier than 2.10 so if you get 2.50 you will be fine. I am in the process of upgrading in the interium I have been using SVideo which is fine. I run 2.06C.

So if you get or have 2.10 and above you'll be fine.

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