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borndahoop's Avatar borndahoop 04:04 PM 01-24-2006
Just curious if anyone has had any experiences with these??? seems too good to be true for the is it?? Well if anyone has used one of these b4 please gimme your opinions..

Carled's Avatar Carled 06:11 PM 01-24-2006
I heard about these a while back, but I've yet to hear of anyone who owns one. Naturally the effect isn't real 3D, but works by tricking the mind by playing around with parallax and different phase characteristics for each eye. I have no idea how well that particular unit works.

The big thing for a lot of us here, of course, is "no LCD, projection or plasma screens."
oferlaor's Avatar oferlaor 01:35 PM 01-25-2006
I wouldn't get too worked up about it...
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