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oferlaor's Avatar oferlaor 05:28 PM 12-06-2006

When Michael was still working at Algolith, I sent him a long list of features that I thought the DragonFly should have. Most have been implemented by companies like Lumagen, Pixel Magic and DVDO.
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javry's Avatar javry 06:58 PM 12-07-2006
Well....FWIW, here's the reply I got back from Algolith

Hello Javry,

I understand that MauriceF is frustrated with the DF’s operation; perhaps there is a problem with his unit.

I would have hoped that he would call me, before posting on the thread; this is why my name is placed on AVS, to help with tech support. I would need to know what he’s using as sources and cables, detailed information on the problems, etc. It would be my pleasure to help MauriceF and anyone else that is having problems with our products. I want AVS members to understand that we are here to help them.

Feel free to address this with MauriceF and AVS members.He may email me at anytime with a complete list of problems. I will work with him to see if we can resolve at least some of his problems.


Anthony Merakian

Sales Channel & Technical Support

....and this is what I sent back to them.

Hi Anthony,
Thanks for the return email. You helped me a great deal in the past and now I would like to help you. So please don't take this to be rude but you guys at Algolith shouldn't be using me as your "middle-man" or message-boy between you and AVS. Frankly, the very notion that you addressed Maurice's concerns to me rather than going directly to Maurice speaks volumes about your companies approach to customer service. Do you honestly expect him to come crawling to you while you already know that he's having problems and is ready to bail as one of your customers?. Why not go to him directly? What are you guys afraid of? Success?

You have what appears to be a great product but these days so does everyone else. Even a dumb ole engineer like me can see that. And so the tie-breaker gets down to soft things like being responsive to customer complaints, resolving your customers issues faster than the other guy, and most importantly.....establishing a long-lasting repoire with your customers. How do you do that? By listening and responding! You can't get there any other way.

In sending you Maurice's comment, I was merely trying to promote an idea that I had proposed to you a few weeks ago. Namely, that you have two units that are brand new to the AV public and the very guys that have been anxiously [and sometimes angrily] awaiting these products for over two years now are not buzzing about them....even though they now own them. That suggests to me that either:

1] they're extremely satisfied and there's just nothing more to be said, or
2] they are extremely dissatisfied and have said all there is to say but nobody is listening.

Clearly it's never all one way or the other but usually somewhere in between. But judging by the tone of the buzz lately.....or lack thereof, I'd gamble on reason number 2. We the buying public are just not excited about this purchase like AV guys should be. Why is that? Clearly, from Maurice's comment and Ofer's lately, at least some of us feel like we've been sold a bad bill of goods.......for a whole lot of money, I might add. What do you guys at Algolith think? As I said before, the product has great potential but your customer service suffers under criticism for a keener structure.

here's a hint

Not trying to be cruel here but maybe with a little "tough love", you guys 'll get the point and live to fight another day:>)

.......just trying to lead the horse to water ;)
omeletpants's Avatar omeletpants 07:30 PM 12-07-2006
Originally Posted by javry
Well....FWIW, here's the reply I got back from Algolith

....and this is what I sent back to them.

.......just trying to lead the horse to water ;)
Heavy-handed, condescending and not effective
mauricef's Avatar mauricef 08:25 PM 12-07-2006
Javry, you touched on my feelings. I don't have time to keep chasing a solution when there are other products that just work. I already had a bug ticket with Algolith and the bugs are clearly spelled out in post #1. If they cannot use that as a point to start there bug fixes then heaven help them. Most of the bugs have been there since day one and were reported by me and others. I was in the initial power buy and really looked forward to this being a great product. I have bit my tongue a little about my level of disappointment.
javry's Avatar javry 08:30 PM 12-07-2006
Originally Posted by omeletpants
Heavy-handed, condescending and not effective wouldn't be the first time I overstepped my boundary.
javry's Avatar javry 02:36 PM 12-08-2006
After reading omeletpants comment I decided to try to set things right with Anthony so here's what I wrote just a few hours ago.

Hey Anthony,

A couple of the guys on the forum feel that I went too far in my last email to you. I do that sometimes. I read back over it and I tend to agree with them. You guys are doing all you can to keep up and you, in particular, have been very gracious to me. Sooooooo......are apologies from big mouthed Americans still considered a rare treat worth savoring in Canada these days? If so, then please accept mine.

I got an almost immediate reply which said:

Hello Javry,

Hope all is well with you. No need to make an apology, I’m a big boy and I can take just about anythingJ. You had something to say and you said it, for that reason I have alot of respect for you.

Please try to understand that I’ve been here for only 3.5 months. I’m working hard to address every hardware problem that comes to Algolith.

However there are only so many hours in a day. I work with our dealers and reps: training, providing support, traveling alot to teach their sales teams, tech support to clients, etc.

We have started an aggressive Q&A process to further troubleshoot and provide a more stable product for our clients. I take calls at all times during the day, nights and weekends. However I’m not the only one, everyone is pitching in. Unfortunately we can still fall behind at times and this is why we are hiring more professionals to speed up service.

I will look into MauriceF’s problem “Post1â€. I’m not a big AVS pro, but would you be kind enough and indicate which post he is referring to specifically so I get it right. For whatever reason I don’t see it in our reports, but that might be before my time. I understand that he no longer cares and I respect his feelings. However I will work and figure out a solution for other members and clients.

I will contact MauriceF when I return after Dec 18th from Denver, CO.

I will post a support message on the AVS threads to make people understand, to contact me via email for any kind of hardware support again.

That being said can I be of further assistance to you, please let me know.

Best Wishes,

Anthony Merakian

Sales Channel & Technical Support
I also sent him the URL of this page. Omeletpants, thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow.
javry's Avatar javry 07:42 PM 12-09-2006
Recieved this from Anthony. Not a bad review.


robb_dragonfly review_Dec2006.pdf 415.97265625k . file
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